Thursday, May 08, 2008


It was pretty obvious that many viewers wanted to see coverage from Burma. Even thought they were talking about Hillary Clinton, conversation on 360 blog was about the cyclone. We are spending more than enough time watching, hearing and reading about American politics, aren't we? It is natural for an international viewer to get fed up.

Still, I'm curious to know what would be Hillary's next strategy and how she would end her campaign, either in June (August?) or November. She has been attacking Obama and convincing voters for such a long period that she would be the better candidate, that it would be really difficult to support the opponent if he is nominated. Media is dominated with Hillary issue but most of them is negative. So more they talk about Hillary, the worse her image gets. Hillary does have a lot of supporters, but it seems that she is being attacked by the whole nation.

When I first heard about the cyclone, I thought Anderson might be interested in going there to report the real situation there. Then I thought that he wouldn't be able to go because of primaries. The truth is that he cannot go because he cannot get visa. It's really disturbing that Myammer refuses to let aid groups in the country to help its people. It must be almost impossible to let journalists in to tell the truth.

Speaking of visa, in the teaser of "Amanpour Reports: Notes from North Korea," she said that it took at least 9 years to get the visa. I know Anderson is also interested in going to North Korea. He might be trying to get his. I wonder when it would behe gets his visa... for both Burma and NK.

On another note, I noticed Anderson had a nasal voice yesterday. It was even worse tonight, which I found extremely sexy.



I didn't post any pictures I took in Washington. I learned a lot about American presidents when I was there. All those great people have made what America is today. Will the next president become one of the greatest president in the history?



"All men are created equal" ... Is this what is written in the Declaration of the Independence? It took more than 200 years for a black man to have a chance to become the president of the United States. Even though they tried to make people believe that black people should have the same rights as white people do, this must have been something impossible at the time when the declaration was signed.


It looks like Lincoln is watchin over us. Isn't there any bad politician? Isn't there any descrimination? Isn't there any people suffering from war?

This should be the perfect place for Dt. Martin Luther King to deliver one of the most famous speech.


Honestly, I was not so sure what Roosevelt did. (I did learn about him in history classes when I was a student.) When I went to this park, I could feel how much he hated war and how much he hoped for a peaceful world. I was really moved by his words.

Current president

Then many people are trying to reach this building!


Sandyeggo said...


I'm glad that you caught him rubbing his nose. I laughted when I saw him do it.
I have been sending Hillary (aliile bit) of monney for months and sent her a bit more after the last primary. I like both she and Barrack but love her for her courage and loyalty. Plus, I think that we have a lot of the same values. She is a woman and only a little older than I am.

I am excited! I leave in the AM for New Orleans to spend a week helping to build a house with the Habitat for Humanity Jimmie and Rosalynn Carter Coastal Work Project in Slidell La.!
Woowhoo! I'll tell you how it went when I get back.


mio_bella said...


Wow! You are helping build a house! How exciting! In Japan, few people build house on our own, let alone helping build a house for others! I often see a commercial of a organization and I've always wonder how exciting it would be to build a house. I'd like to hear more about it.

Take care and have a lot of fun!