Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Packed like ... what?

It's so sad Hillary is completely forgotten. Had the election campaign started not that earlier, she might have won the nomination. I do sound that Hillary has already lost her campaign.
I was appalled to see this image of Tokyo train. This looks so old. I was wondering when this video was recorded. I guess it was more than decades ago. I can tell from passengers hairstyles or fashion. Would you like to check that video again? Here it is.

Hmm, soooo weird to a Japanese person as well. Whenever I go to Tokyo, I was mesmerized by how clean, neat and organized Tokyo trains are. I am so proud of the service they offer. And when I go abroad, I never see trains or subways cleaner than ones in Tokyo. Since I am so much proud of train system in Tokyo, I felt a kind of obliged to write something about this. I visited 360BLOG at 10:59pm and wrote VERY quickly about Tokyo trains. I didn't write enough there. Well, I admit you may be able to see those images even now, but not always. All the people that see this video would say Tokyo trains are the worst. No. I believe it is one of the nicest in the world! (no way for me to prove that though as I haven't traveled all around the world.)

By the way, you might say, "the train is packed like sardines." We have a similar phrase in Japan, too. We don't use "sardine" but the most famous Japanese word; sushi! We say "sushi zume," or "packed like sushi."

packed sushi...

You might be curious what is happening after all those passenger get out of trains.


Election campaign is the thing of paramount importance in the United States, and I fully understand that. After AC360 finished, I saw a lot of sad news. I am watching CNN every day. What for? To see Anderson is one of the reason, but to see what is happening right now all around the world. So what should we do? Just know and ignore everything? It's hard for me to do that. I donated some money, very little though, to MSF for both Burma and China. Did anybody here do something to lend a helping hand?


Molly said...

Oh Mio! That clip was hilarious and so Japanese. I liked how the train station attendants carefully crammed every last bit of elbow or other appendage sticking out of the doors inside. You said the clip was old. Did you mean they no longer cram people into the train cars because it is dangerous? And, when I went to Osaka last year, I was surprised to see that there are now female-only train cars to prevent groping and worse. As always, I enjoy your blog. It puts a smile on my face!

mio_bella said...

Long time no see! I hope you had a good time in Osaka.

I did say the clip is pretty old. I have experienced some crowded train in rush hours but not seen that myself. (I just avoided the very crowded period, though.) In a very crowded train, all your body parts are fixed and cannot move.
I've heard about woman-only train cars. However, there is a problem. When those cars are crowded and you are in a normal car, it is translated that you are ready to be groped! Yikes!!

Anonymous said...

I'm from the states and saw that clip too. I was a bit pissed off at Anderson for presenting this clip as something that was from Japan as it is today. I noticed the same thing you did, the old hairstyles and clothes. CNN should be more careful when showing videos like this one.