Friday, May 30, 2008

A little bit of funny moment at the end

Honestly, I have been overwhelmed by American politics these days. For international viewers, too much politics is depriving me of my enthusiasm for the show. I sometimes find myself watching only Anderson, not listening to what they are talking about. On Thursday, we had a little bit of funny moment at the end of the show. THE SHOT! I love their humor! It looks like 360 is a fun place to work. All the staff must be hardworking, intelligent and funny people.

After 360, we, international viewers, have World News. I'd say the program itself is not exciting, but I benefit more from it. Only 30 minutes and full of what I want to know.
I have been concerned about cluster bomb ban. On Wednesday meeting, when the treaty was unofficially agreed (?), Japan was absent. Our government was in a bind between international movement and the United States and China. U.S. doesn't support the ban. It suggests that Japan have ones that would act as deterrence. Also, our neighbor, China, doesn't agree the ban either. It is obvious that our country would be more vulnerable for attacks from neighborhood countries.
However, I was hoping Japan to agree the ban. I cannot think that saying "We disagree banning cluster bombs" is a right thing to do. If each tiny bomb doesn't explode, they will be no less dangerous than landmines. They deprive innocent people's lives or their healthy lives.
When I heard that Japan officially agreed the treaty on Friday, I was completely satisfied.
What do you think of cluster bombs? How come all the countries cannot abandon them? (Same thing can be said about nuclear bombs...)

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