Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gray Ties

Tuesday Primaries did not stop Hillary from continuing her campaign. If I were not a girl who wants to see a woman president lead the biggest country, I might think it would be a waste of time, energy and money to keep on. However, it is Hillary Clinton that is surviving to win the race at any cost, I want to see her climb up and break the glass ceiling. Go for it!

Election is a big issue for American people these days, and it is natural CNN spend most of their programs on election. But I am seeing more reports from Burma from CNN International. I think I need to see them rather than American politics. Were it not for election, 360 might spend more time on the disaster, but all we saw was yesterday's 10-minute segment.

By the way, Anderson has been wearing a gray tie since May 1, hasn't he? I was wondering if it is his way to show condolences to Cyclone victims in Burma. But Anderson is not the type of person who cares about what he wears. He just happened to wear them 4 days in a row.




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