Friday, May 16, 2008

Earthquake in China

Finally he wore a tie with a color! How many days in a row had he been wearing ones without any colors?


As Anderson said the images at the destroyed school were "tough to take and difficult to forget." Not an ordinary town, but that was a school, where a lot of young children full of future gathered together. And many of them are gone. That thought was enough to make me sick. Moreover, I saw some images of people stuck in the rubbles. How can we forget that?

We have seen a lot of bad news about China, poisonous toys or foods, tie between a corrupt government in Africa, environmental problems... However, people there are the same. They have hopes, they are leading happy lives. And all that was deprived of in a moment. Their stories deserved to be remembered.

We also have a lot of earthquakes in Japan. More than a decade ago, we had a big earthquake. I don't have any friends or relatives that were involved in it, but still I, every Japanese rather, remember it. Since we went through it, we know what help they need and we were the first ones to reach the devastated area to lend a helping hand. And as far as I know, they are doing such a good job there that they are greatly appreciated.

The relationship between China and Japan has not been good these days what with food poisoning incident, political problems, what happened during world war 2 (even after 70 years, still young Chinese people are complaining about this) ... and so on. We are giving what help we can to Chinese people. And it is just a matter of course. I hope this would help Chinese people establish a good feeling toward Japan.

I wrote only about Chinese earthquake, but we shouldn't forget about Burma's cyclone.

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter 70 years or hundred years. What Japanese should have is the attitude like German. German admitted they made horrible mistake to human race in WWII.

"even after 70 years, still young Chinese people are complaining about this" - they won't complain if Japan face what they did. All Asian are mad about Japan re-write the books of history to cover the truth of Nang-king massacre.