Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hi, Anderson! You had your hair cut. Looks so gorgeous and so handsome as always. I love seeing him after a short period of absence.

I don't like seeing Hillary losing momentum and people demanding her to surrender. It is really hard for her to choose which door to use for exit.

#1 Becoming a vice presidenr? Hmm, even though she is sure to become an excellent one, I don't want to see that. An experienced and talented woman in her 60s working under a 40-year-old boy is not a happy thought.

#2 Polite exit... This sounds nice to me because it would eventually do good for her career after this campaign. She would make a great speech, leaving a great impact to people around the world. Sometimes, the defeated could make even better speech than the winner. Take Al Gore for example. He looked fabulous after his election campaign 8 years ago. And he has been doing a really good job since then.

#3 She might be the last person to surrender. But she is also a smart person. Continuing her campaign at the very end would make her look more and more miserable as time goes by.

Cyclone in Burma, earthquake in China,tornado in America... What would happen next? This is the earth's sign of becoming weaker and weaker, just as coughing or having runny nose are early symptoms of fatal diseases? I often say human beings are to the earth what viruses are to our body. Viruses are easy to kill, but it could have strong effects on body. Of course, there are some germs that would have positive effects on our body. I wish the earth has a lot of germs that would pep it up.
It wasn't a surprise that the first daughter's wedding took place secretly. Current president is not so popular and the Republican might not want to expose the president to the public. But I was surprised that even after the secret was revealed, 360 took this up for "THE SHOT."

I like to see Anderson standing in front of the big screen. Now he walks toward John King and I like it even better!

In my previous blog, I posted a pic of Anderson rubbing his nose and Sandy liked that. I think she and some other readers might love this too!

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