Thursday, May 01, 2008

Can you drop your baby!?

After 20 munites of Countdown Beijing, the program came back!
Dropping a baby from such a tall building? However strong, happy, prosperous a baby would be in the future, I wouldn't let my baby go through this!

It was really disturbing to watch the video, but we saw a lot of cute Andy after that. That's all we need!
It was a little bit too late to create something new to woo for votes. It was the last day we could cast our votes! I vote yesterday, and it was in the 2nd place. I'm wondering if this would work. (The vote is closed now.)


Anonymous said...

I think this video was very disturbing to Anderson as well. I wonder if he was thinking of his brother jumping off a building and that is why he didn't want to see anymore of the babies being thrown off that temple. Just a thought

mio_bella said...

I didn't think about that when I was watching the Shot.
Speaking of jumping from high places, some children in Japan these days do not know that if you jump from high places, you are likely to get hurt. This is because they are used to living in high places. I wonder there are kids with acrophobia in India...