Thursday, May 01, 2008

360 to Countdown Beijing!

The program suddenly switched to Countdown Beijing as torch relay started in Hong Kong! As I couldn't watch 360 yesterday, I was more than ready to watch the program today. I've read many of articles from 360 blog. Anderson was off last night and I am so happy about Anderson anchoring the news. But after 25 minutes, they changed the program! How about in other countries?


Judy said...

Hi Mio,
they did the same thing here in Germany....grrr. It was starting to get interesting. And they cut Anderson off in the middle of a sentence.

pebbles said...

Hi Mio! Well, I guess you would want to know that it's same here with us. They cut our feed of CNN USA and they went to the lighting of the torch in HK. I was hoping that the relay would have gone faster so they could get back to AC360 as soon as possible. I missed AC yesterday so I was glad he's on today. Awww, just learned that AC was sick yesterday but I'm glad he's feeling well now. I think you're now receiving the CNN Intl feed - same as ours.

andyargentina said...

Hi Dear Mio!
In Argentina was switched the emission of AC360 to Countdown Beijing too. I was very angry but 15 minutes later CNNI connected again with CNN domestic and we could watch the rest of the program!!!


mio_bella said...

I was blogging right after 360 came back, but I couldn't finish the post by the time I had to leave. I just post the following post up there.

Judy & Andrea,
I thought only Asian viewers were forced to see Countdown Beijing. We recently had the torch relay in Japan the other day, which left such a controversial issue. We haven't had a day without any news on Olympics these days.

We are now sharing the same service. It's is really funny to imagine everybody here having got angry when they started airing Countdown Beijing.