Friday, May 30, 2008

A little bit of funny moment at the end

Honestly, I have been overwhelmed by American politics these days. For international viewers, too much politics is depriving me of my enthusiasm for the show. I sometimes find myself watching only Anderson, not listening to what they are talking about. On Thursday, we had a little bit of funny moment at the end of the show. THE SHOT! I love their humor! It looks like 360 is a fun place to work. All the staff must be hardworking, intelligent and funny people.

After 360, we, international viewers, have World News. I'd say the program itself is not exciting, but I benefit more from it. Only 30 minutes and full of what I want to know.
I have been concerned about cluster bomb ban. On Wednesday meeting, when the treaty was unofficially agreed (?), Japan was absent. Our government was in a bind between international movement and the United States and China. U.S. doesn't support the ban. It suggests that Japan have ones that would act as deterrence. Also, our neighbor, China, doesn't agree the ban either. It is obvious that our country would be more vulnerable for attacks from neighborhood countries.
However, I was hoping Japan to agree the ban. I cannot think that saying "We disagree banning cluster bombs" is a right thing to do. If each tiny bomb doesn't explode, they will be no less dangerous than landmines. They deprive innocent people's lives or their healthy lives.
When I heard that Japan officially agreed the treaty on Friday, I was completely satisfied.
What do you think of cluster bombs? How come all the countries cannot abandon them? (Same thing can be said about nuclear bombs...)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 26

Anderson looked like this. (This post is totally nonsense! Just too busy to blog.)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Which guy is Larry King?

At the beginning, Anderson mentioned what he experienced that day. A little kid went up to him and said, "Hey, Larry King! How are you!" He said he is honored that he was taken for Great Larry King. He has a sense of humor and I love this!

I recently heard an interview with a computer programmer and he said that Internet is originally invented on assumption that all the users are nice, considerate people who won't use this as tools to harm others. Sadly, there are so many internet-related crimes. People are actually hurting people or even killing others. And it's a really sad thing.
I'm not saying that I am blaming people who buy drugs online, but this idea sounds so dangerous. Even though you see a doctor's name on it, and it is prescribed by a doctor, I wouldn't take pills that I don't really know of.

By the way, I bought TIME a few weeks ago and found this article!
Jeff Han
By John King

By Jeff Han's description, he was "one of those troublemaker kids." Five years ahead in math learning levels. A soldering iron in hand at age 6. Taking things apart to see how they worked. Even putting some of them back together.
Han, 32, was an obscure New York University computer-science researcher two years ago when he made a presentation introducing the concept of multi-touch sensing screens. Now his work is coveted by clients ranging from the CIA to CNN, all of which realize that the era of the single-touch screen (think ATMs) is over and the multi-touch screen (imagine a piano keyboard on a screen) is upon us.

My fingers are part of that new world. Tune in to CNN on any major election night as I navigate the ever-changing map that the folks at CNN call the Magic Wall. CNN owns one map, with a second on the way. The intelligence and military communities use the technology, and Han says new educational, medical and creative applications are in the works.

"Multi-touch-sensing was designed to allow nontechies to do masterful things while allowing power users to be even more virtuosic," Han says. Count me in the nontechie column. Count me too as someone who believes Han has done more than start a great business; he has also dramatically changed the way we interact with our computers.
King is CNN's chief national correspondent and its former senior White House correspondent

Now John King is known for "his" magic map and he is so thankful Mr. Hann invented that map.

I wrote that I "bought" TIME. And I can find most of what I wanted to read online. I knew that. But sometimes I need printed media even though TIME is so expensive in Japan. In the U.S., it costs $4.95 and here 1300yen, which is equivalent to $13!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Reading guys

I don't know when I will be "not busy." Just two pics from Thursday show.

By the way, I found myself attracted to a guy who is reading very seriously. Reading guys look so sexy to me! I tried to find the picture of Anderson reading "The Looming Tower." I do have it but I cannot find it on my PC. I went to the former 360 interactive site but the images are no longer available. Does any of you know where I can DL it?

Japanese bear

Japanese video again? It seems we have a lot of funny and crazy videos here in Japan. Many of you may see my countray as a funny one.
However, as long as they make Anderson smile, I am so happy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crowded Pool

How about this!? The water must be sooo dirty.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Packed like ... what?

It's so sad Hillary is completely forgotten. Had the election campaign started not that earlier, she might have won the nomination. I do sound that Hillary has already lost her campaign.
I was appalled to see this image of Tokyo train. This looks so old. I was wondering when this video was recorded. I guess it was more than decades ago. I can tell from passengers hairstyles or fashion. Would you like to check that video again? Here it is.

Hmm, soooo weird to a Japanese person as well. Whenever I go to Tokyo, I was mesmerized by how clean, neat and organized Tokyo trains are. I am so proud of the service they offer. And when I go abroad, I never see trains or subways cleaner than ones in Tokyo. Since I am so much proud of train system in Tokyo, I felt a kind of obliged to write something about this. I visited 360BLOG at 10:59pm and wrote VERY quickly about Tokyo trains. I didn't write enough there. Well, I admit you may be able to see those images even now, but not always. All the people that see this video would say Tokyo trains are the worst. No. I believe it is one of the nicest in the world! (no way for me to prove that though as I haven't traveled all around the world.)

By the way, you might say, "the train is packed like sardines." We have a similar phrase in Japan, too. We don't use "sardine" but the most famous Japanese word; sushi! We say "sushi zume," or "packed like sushi."

packed sushi...

You might be curious what is happening after all those passenger get out of trains.


Election campaign is the thing of paramount importance in the United States, and I fully understand that. After AC360 finished, I saw a lot of sad news. I am watching CNN every day. What for? To see Anderson is one of the reason, but to see what is happening right now all around the world. So what should we do? Just know and ignore everything? It's hard for me to do that. I donated some money, very little though, to MSF for both Burma and China. Did anybody here do something to lend a helping hand?

Friday, May 16, 2008


In Japan, I can only watch Larry King Live before AC360 on Friday, it's already Saturday in Japan though. Anderson is on tonight! Yay!

Earthquake in China

Finally he wore a tie with a color! How many days in a row had he been wearing ones without any colors?


As Anderson said the images at the destroyed school were "tough to take and difficult to forget." Not an ordinary town, but that was a school, where a lot of young children full of future gathered together. And many of them are gone. That thought was enough to make me sick. Moreover, I saw some images of people stuck in the rubbles. How can we forget that?

We have seen a lot of bad news about China, poisonous toys or foods, tie between a corrupt government in Africa, environmental problems... However, people there are the same. They have hopes, they are leading happy lives. And all that was deprived of in a moment. Their stories deserved to be remembered.

We also have a lot of earthquakes in Japan. More than a decade ago, we had a big earthquake. I don't have any friends or relatives that were involved in it, but still I, every Japanese rather, remember it. Since we went through it, we know what help they need and we were the first ones to reach the devastated area to lend a helping hand. And as far as I know, they are doing such a good job there that they are greatly appreciated.

The relationship between China and Japan has not been good these days what with food poisoning incident, political problems, what happened during world war 2 (even after 70 years, still young Chinese people are complaining about this) ... and so on. We are giving what help we can to Chinese people. And it is just a matter of course. I hope this would help Chinese people establish a good feeling toward Japan.

I wrote only about Chinese earthquake, but we shouldn't forget about Burma's cyclone.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hi, Anderson! You had your hair cut. Looks so gorgeous and so handsome as always. I love seeing him after a short period of absence.

I don't like seeing Hillary losing momentum and people demanding her to surrender. It is really hard for her to choose which door to use for exit.

#1 Becoming a vice presidenr? Hmm, even though she is sure to become an excellent one, I don't want to see that. An experienced and talented woman in her 60s working under a 40-year-old boy is not a happy thought.

#2 Polite exit... This sounds nice to me because it would eventually do good for her career after this campaign. She would make a great speech, leaving a great impact to people around the world. Sometimes, the defeated could make even better speech than the winner. Take Al Gore for example. He looked fabulous after his election campaign 8 years ago. And he has been doing a really good job since then.

#3 She might be the last person to surrender. But she is also a smart person. Continuing her campaign at the very end would make her look more and more miserable as time goes by.

Cyclone in Burma, earthquake in China,tornado in America... What would happen next? This is the earth's sign of becoming weaker and weaker, just as coughing or having runny nose are early symptoms of fatal diseases? I often say human beings are to the earth what viruses are to our body. Viruses are easy to kill, but it could have strong effects on body. Of course, there are some germs that would have positive effects on our body. I wish the earth has a lot of germs that would pep it up.
It wasn't a surprise that the first daughter's wedding took place secretly. Current president is not so popular and the Republican might not want to expose the president to the public. But I was surprised that even after the secret was revealed, 360 took this up for "THE SHOT."

I like to see Anderson standing in front of the big screen. Now he walks toward John King and I like it even better!

In my previous blog, I posted a pic of Anderson rubbing his nose and Sandy liked that. I think she and some other readers might love this too!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I've busy with my work for a couple of days. I spent 13 hours at work and I will tomorrow as well. I have some emails to write but I am e-procrastinating. I will write to you all!

I watched Thursday 360 but didn't have time to post yummy pictures. Today, while I was at work, I noticed I had forgotten to turn on the video recorder. The first thing I did when I came back home was get 360 podcast, and I saw this! Wolf!? On 360!? I never imagine him anchoring 360.

Kristien won BEAT 360 again! Congratulations! Did Erica pronounce your name correctly this time?

Thursday, May 08, 2008


It was pretty obvious that many viewers wanted to see coverage from Burma. Even thought they were talking about Hillary Clinton, conversation on 360 blog was about the cyclone. We are spending more than enough time watching, hearing and reading about American politics, aren't we? It is natural for an international viewer to get fed up.

Still, I'm curious to know what would be Hillary's next strategy and how she would end her campaign, either in June (August?) or November. She has been attacking Obama and convincing voters for such a long period that she would be the better candidate, that it would be really difficult to support the opponent if he is nominated. Media is dominated with Hillary issue but most of them is negative. So more they talk about Hillary, the worse her image gets. Hillary does have a lot of supporters, but it seems that she is being attacked by the whole nation.

When I first heard about the cyclone, I thought Anderson might be interested in going there to report the real situation there. Then I thought that he wouldn't be able to go because of primaries. The truth is that he cannot go because he cannot get visa. It's really disturbing that Myammer refuses to let aid groups in the country to help its people. It must be almost impossible to let journalists in to tell the truth.

Speaking of visa, in the teaser of "Amanpour Reports: Notes from North Korea," she said that it took at least 9 years to get the visa. I know Anderson is also interested in going to North Korea. He might be trying to get his. I wonder when it would behe gets his visa... for both Burma and NK.

On another note, I noticed Anderson had a nasal voice yesterday. It was even worse tonight, which I found extremely sexy.



I didn't post any pictures I took in Washington. I learned a lot about American presidents when I was there. All those great people have made what America is today. Will the next president become one of the greatest president in the history?



"All men are created equal" ... Is this what is written in the Declaration of the Independence? It took more than 200 years for a black man to have a chance to become the president of the United States. Even though they tried to make people believe that black people should have the same rights as white people do, this must have been something impossible at the time when the declaration was signed.


It looks like Lincoln is watchin over us. Isn't there any bad politician? Isn't there any descrimination? Isn't there any people suffering from war?

This should be the perfect place for Dt. Martin Luther King to deliver one of the most famous speech.


Honestly, I was not so sure what Roosevelt did. (I did learn about him in history classes when I was a student.) When I went to this park, I could feel how much he hated war and how much he hoped for a peaceful world. I was really moved by his words.

Current president

Then many people are trying to reach this building!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gray Ties

Tuesday Primaries did not stop Hillary from continuing her campaign. If I were not a girl who wants to see a woman president lead the biggest country, I might think it would be a waste of time, energy and money to keep on. However, it is Hillary Clinton that is surviving to win the race at any cost, I want to see her climb up and break the glass ceiling. Go for it!

Election is a big issue for American people these days, and it is natural CNN spend most of their programs on election. But I am seeing more reports from Burma from CNN International. I think I need to see them rather than American politics. Were it not for election, 360 might spend more time on the disaster, but all we saw was yesterday's 10-minute segment.

By the way, Anderson has been wearing a gray tie since May 1, hasn't he? I was wondering if it is his way to show condolences to Cyclone victims in Burma. But Anderson is not the type of person who cares about what he wears. He just happened to wear them 4 days in a row.




Thursday, May 01, 2008

Can you drop your baby!?

After 20 munites of Countdown Beijing, the program came back!
Dropping a baby from such a tall building? However strong, happy, prosperous a baby would be in the future, I wouldn't let my baby go through this!

It was really disturbing to watch the video, but we saw a lot of cute Andy after that. That's all we need!
It was a little bit too late to create something new to woo for votes. It was the last day we could cast our votes! I vote yesterday, and it was in the 2nd place. I'm wondering if this would work. (The vote is closed now.)

360 to Countdown Beijing!

The program suddenly switched to Countdown Beijing as torch relay started in Hong Kong! As I couldn't watch 360 yesterday, I was more than ready to watch the program today. I've read many of articles from 360 blog. Anderson was off last night and I am so happy about Anderson anchoring the news. But after 25 minutes, they changed the program! How about in other countries?