Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm back!

I haven't watched Anderson for as long as I can remember. The last time I blogged about him was March 21. So since then!? Totally Ander-free busy yearend and ACfree trip.

I arrived at my home at about 2:00 in the morning, 26 hours after I left the room in NY! It was a really long trip. I was deep asleep when AC360 was on. No AC recap yet.

I'm going to share one picture at one time!


I climbed up to Top of the Rock on the first day. It was a chilly night, but I forgot about the cold and enjoyed the beautiful city lights. I have seen the night view from Empire State Building when I first went to NY, 9 years ago. When I was there, I couldn't see it, of course. So it was nice for me to see the building from this place. The problem is... I couldn't see Top of the Rock. Hmm, the next time I go back to NYC, I will go up to Empire State Building.

Hey, I found this website so cool! Go ---> top of the rock

Come to think of it, I should have saved this most beautiful view for the last day. I am the kind of person who save the best for the last.


Judy said...

Welcome back Mio! Don't worry you didn't miss too much, Anderson was off the last three nights. He seems to be on his well deserved vacation.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Mio. Like Judy said Anderson seems to be off for the whole week for a well deserved time off. Hope you had a great trip to NYC.


copperfish said...

Hey, glad you're back! I tried the website and it was cool.

pebbles said...

I'm glad you're back Mio! Hope you had a great trip. Too bad you weren't able to see Anderson in person while you were there. Maybe next time. I'm on an Anderdrought right now, I know he deserves a vacation but I miss him on the anchor chair. I wish they'd let Erica sub for Anderson. I think she'll do a good job. I find Campbell Brown boring, sorry. They haven't shown any WWTT or The Shot segment while she was on, wonder why?

Judy said...

I'm with you Pebbles! I thought that Erica left Primenews and moved to New York to play a bigger part on AC360 and fill in as anchor whenever Anderson is away. But she is doing basically the same thing she was doing before, except, that she is in the same studio now. And Campbell Brown is a little boring.

Delie said...

Welcome back, Mio! I hope you had great vacation!

pebbles said...

Finally, they're letting Erica sub for Anderson tonight. I'm sure she'll do a good job. I hope she becomes the permanent sub, I think it's more appropriate than having someone else do it. I mean, she's right there, she's a part of 360. It's a good thing the producers are listening to viewers.

mio_bella said...

Thanks for the coments, all!

I did have a great time in the States. I guess copperfish triedthis website;

I have been blogging about my trip since I was in NY. I haven't finished writing everything, and I am writing in Japanese. But if you visit this site, you'll enjoy some good pictures.

Pebbles & Jan,
I couldn't watch Friday 360. I hope you all like Erica as the anchor.