Monday, April 21, 2008


I do know how much it would be important for the candidates to win tomorrow and as a girl hoping for society in which women can play as an important role as men, I would love to see Hillary win. A woman leading the biggest country will surely make a great impact all over the world. Even so, I don't have a say. I just look forward to Pennsylvania Primary results tomorrow.

(I don't want to publish my post without AC picture. I have some in another PC and I will add one or two pictures lateď˝’. -- 22:10 Tuesday, And I just added right now! )

Speaking of Pennsylvania, I went to Philadelphia a few weeks ago! During my stay in the States, I visited NYC, Washington DC and Philadelphia. Each city has its own unique atmosphere and I felt as if I had been traveling to different nation.
Philadelphia is a very beautiful city. Just walking around the city made me so relaxed. I saw a lot of cute brick buildings, a lot of beautiful flowers and beautiful parks.

Independence Hall
Before I got to the city, I knew nothing about the city. When I went to Independence Hall, I thought it was just a beautiful building with a beautiful park. Nothing historical. The building looks pretty new. Even so, at the entrance of the park, there were men asking to open my bag. One of them carefully checked what I had in my bag. They were even more careful than officers at the airport. It was just a park wasn't it? Soon after that, I learned that inside this building, Declaration of Independence was signed. So this place is like the birth place of America. Very important and sacred place for American people.

Elfreth's Alley

This is just a small path but I love this! Each building is so cute.

Betsy Ross?

Now I learned who she is, but when I got to this place, I had no idea who "Betsy Ross" was. I don't think many Japanese people know her name. I wrote about my trip on another blog that I write in Japanese and when I attached the picture above onto the blog, I wrote "Who is Betsy Ross??" My Hawaiian coworker read that and laughed at me! He said, "You wrote 'Who's Betsy Ross?' and it was too funny for me! Every American knows her!" I'm not an American! I've never educated their nor even lived there! He should understand.


Philadelphia is worth visiting. City is really beautiful and you can learn American history. I understand how important this city is for America people. So winning in this city really means something for candidates hoping to lead the country.


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Anonymous said...

Mio-looks like you had great visit to the United States. I hope everyone was nice to you.


mio_bella said...

People are really friendly and I enjoy talking to so many people. It might not be a surprising thing for American people, but people speak to strangers so casually. That is rather unusual in Japan. We scarcely talk to strangers. I am a talkative person and I enjoy meeting new people.

Anonymous said...

Mio--I am so glad that people talked to you. Yes some of us do talk to people we don't know.

That is interesting that in Japan, you rarley talk to strangers.


mio_bella said...

While I was in NYC, I shared room with some Japanese tourists. I talked to others, but they just ignored me. I really feel difference in communication styles.

Unlike them, I really enjoy talking to many people. I even hand around SOHO area with a man in his 50s. He is really a creative, intelligent and funny guy, and we had nice time talking with each other. But when he said "We have enough time to get married and make a kid!" I suddenly feel uneasy and didn't meet him again.