Friday, April 11, 2008

Minor Changes

I watched 360 for the first time in a long time, and it seems that CNNj has changed a little on their programs.

1) First they won't air the second hour any more.
2) They are not showing Larry King Live before AC360. We can see LKL a few hours after 360. So we cannot see LK toss the program to AC.
3) And look at this!

They started open caption service! This means... I am seeing these caption on Anderson's beautiful face!? Ugh, I don't like this idea at all. I love taking pictures of Anderson's nice moments. AC without caption means that the right moments will be really limited.

How's the situation in other countries?


I guess every Anderfan that goes to NY pays a courtesy visit to this place. I am one of them. I love many shops there; Borders, Sephora, bebe, L'OCCITAN, Godiva, Whole Foods Market.

Speaking of WFM, I found this notice.

I was told "No Photos," when I was taking this picture. But he said that slightly after I pushed the shutter. It was a little bit late. I pretended I didn't understand English. I said something in Japanese and ran away! ...bad customer.

"15 days until we no longer use plastic bags"

I really support their decision! I wish all of the shops around the world should follow suit. (I know there are some shops that have already eliminated plastic bags.) I bought a bottle of water at Duane Reade and the woman at the cashier tried to put it into a bag! They should at least try to ask if we need them. This little thing will surely decrease the number of plastic bags they give just to be thrown away.


Judy said...

Hi Mio
They never showed the second hour in Germany and LKL always at 11 o'clock in the morning instead of right before AC 360.

andyargentina said...

Dear Mio,in Latin America since last june or july (I didn´t remember the month) CNNI didn´t broadcast the second hour of AC and LKL live only we can watch on Friday the rest of the weekday they broadcast "cnn today" from Hong kong
:( PD: Anderson was off all the week ...
Welcome dear friend.

Anonymous said...

i practally lived at the time warner center when i was in nyc. any cnn fanatic would right :P

mio_bella said...

Judy & Andrea,
It seems that Japanese Anderfans had been lucky to have CNNj show 2-hour Anderbeauty. CNNj changed their programs and they only show 3 programs from CNN US. Only a few weeks ago, they dominate more than half of the day showing programs from the US. I admit that too many American TV programs made me feel as if I were an American citizen. I guess for an international viewers, watching news around the world might be more beneficial. In either way, I don't have time to spend my time on other programs. I only watch 360!

I didn't "live" at TWC, but I visit that place almost everyday while I was in NYC. I love the soap at the restroom there! It smells so sweet. However, it deprived my hands of all the moisture and made them look like the ones of a woman in her 80s though.

pebbles said...

Hey Mio, it seems like we're all on the same boat now. On CNN Intl they only show AC 360 Live for the first hour only, and no LKL. They show LKL 7 hours later. We only get LKL and AC 360 LIVE on their Friday broadcast, Saturday morning for us. You;re so funny Mio, pretending not to understand English LOL! I guess they wouldn't know, right? I know Whole Foods is where Andy shops for his food. He's always seen there. Too bad, Anderson was on vacation when you were there.

copperfish said...

Yep, Pebbles have said it but I only get to watch his show on Saturdays which is shown live at 10am and after LKL but there was a time when CNN Intl would only show the 2nd hour. I think that was before the 'live webcam' feature on the show. I still would prefer the live broadcast than the 2nd hour which is I know just a repeat of the first. For the days that I can't watch, I just update myself on some sites and on the show's blog.
Mio, is that your new blog?

copperfish said...

I just went to that site and ngek!!! was in nihonggo but the pics posted there were nice. Are you going to post them all here?? (in English of course!!!)

mio_bella said...

Pebbles & Copperfish,
What annoys me is oppencaption. Do you have it too? Also, I didn't like AC saying "...coming up at the beginning of next hour," or something and CNN international started. We never hear "For international viewers, CNN today is next. See you tomorrow," like this. If they start showing 2nd hour, we can hear him say good night but we cannot join the live blog.

I actually have several blogs! My diary, for my classes, for my dog, none of which I update often. And I have another one for my recent trip. They are all written in Japanese. Only this site is in English. I don't think I will post everything in English here, but I will post my favorite pictures here and write a little bit about them in English here!