Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ken lee!

The relation between Obama ant the preacher? I've had too much of that. Tornado hit ...somewhere? Virginia? No one got killed, which was at least some kind of consolation.

I was working one something else while I was watching 360 (what a terrible viewer, who does recap for the show) I wasn't paying attention to the show until I heard this!

I like singing this song at karaoke. I think I am pretty good at it, but to English speaking people, I might sound weird like this person... I might want to try to videotape me singing "ken lee" some day and see for myself. Or do you want to judge? Hmmm, this must be a terrible idea... I might scare everyone away from this place.

Ken lee without me?


I used to be a huge Mariah Carey fan. She was, (and I think she still is) so devoted to singing. She didn't care about what to wear. Before she got divorced, she always wore black dresses for public appearance. She looked sexy enough. She didn't need to show off her body. But these days, she is trying so hard to look super-sexy, which I find a kind of annoying. She should only rely on her incredibly beautiful voice. She should choose what to sing as well. She is really good at singing songs in which she can put her soul. Her recent songs are not as powerful as ones she wrote some 10 years ago. Even so, I got E=MC2 and enjoy listening to her voice.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big Mariah fan as well. I remember for a brief period I disliked her sexy makeover as well, but I think that since 97 or so when she came back, she's somewhat toned it down, and I've grown to respect her as an artist again. I remember reading that Tommy Mottola had a lot of control over her public image, and she tried to rebel from that ever since.

mio_bella said...

I have also read that her former husband had made her what he wanted her to be. After her devorce, she sang "Butterfly" and she expressed freedom on that album. I've always loved her, so if she is doing a good job, I admire and support her. When she is not, I say "No." As for "Touch my body," I'd say no. (But who would listen to me??)