Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cute cub

Even though Anderson is reporting from New Orleans, he had to spend most of the show on Obama. It's really sad to see a person that you used to pay great respect to has changed to harm you.

This sleeping cub is so cute! Since I started keeping a dog myself, I am also finding other animals so cute. (I used to be scared to see any kinds of animals.) I can watch this sleeping bear for hours and hours, too!

And the nose! He is pushing it to the floor! How cute! My dog often to this when my hand gets dirty; I mean "yummy" for her. They are sometimes covered by chocolate, which is actually harmful to dogs' health. She pushes her nose to my palms. It's wet, soft and clammy. While I was watching this cub, I felt as if my hands were sticky.

Anderson is still proud of himself having won Jeopardy! How cute!


Judy said...

I love to hear Anderson talk about animals, especially little one. Its too cute! Almost as cute as the sleepy bear.

mio_bella said...

Anderson really loves something cute, which makes him even more attractive!