Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cute cub

Even though Anderson is reporting from New Orleans, he had to spend most of the show on Obama. It's really sad to see a person that you used to pay great respect to has changed to harm you.

This sleeping cub is so cute! Since I started keeping a dog myself, I am also finding other animals so cute. (I used to be scared to see any kinds of animals.) I can watch this sleeping bear for hours and hours, too!

And the nose! He is pushing it to the floor! How cute! My dog often to this when my hand gets dirty; I mean "yummy" for her. They are sometimes covered by chocolate, which is actually harmful to dogs' health. She pushes her nose to my palms. It's wet, soft and clammy. While I was watching this cub, I felt as if my hands were sticky.

Anderson is still proud of himself having won Jeopardy! How cute!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ken lee!

The relation between Obama ant the preacher? I've had too much of that. Tornado hit ...somewhere? Virginia? No one got killed, which was at least some kind of consolation.

I was working one something else while I was watching 360 (what a terrible viewer, who does recap for the show) I wasn't paying attention to the show until I heard this!

I like singing this song at karaoke. I think I am pretty good at it, but to English speaking people, I might sound weird like this person... I might want to try to videotape me singing "ken lee" some day and see for myself. Or do you want to judge? Hmmm, this must be a terrible idea... I might scare everyone away from this place.

Ken lee without me?


I used to be a huge Mariah Carey fan. She was, (and I think she still is) so devoted to singing. She didn't care about what to wear. Before she got divorced, she always wore black dresses for public appearance. She looked sexy enough. She didn't need to show off her body. But these days, she is trying so hard to look super-sexy, which I find a kind of annoying. She should only rely on her incredibly beautiful voice. She should choose what to sing as well. She is really good at singing songs in which she can put her soul. Her recent songs are not as powerful as ones she wrote some 10 years ago. Even so, I got E=MC2 and enjoy listening to her voice.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Personally, I am not a big John King fan. He is a good man and that's all. To me, he usually looks awkward behind the anchor desk. However, he seems to be more and more comfortable and confident in anchoring stories. He shows us a big smile while talking with Erica. She is really good at making people smile beautifully. John King may have always been like this and everybody might have always been finding him totally fine, but I just noticed today. Maybe because of personal preference?

As John King said, CNN did cover Chicago stories several times. Every time I saw a story, I really feel sick in stomach. Adults have created a social environment that is not safe for children. When those young children become adults, they do not know how to fix the society. How can reverse this vicious cycle?

This is a father whose son was killed because of gun fight. It is always the bereaved who remember the pain forever. One of the ways they can get rid of their pain is hoping for a society where no other parents will have to suffer from the same kind of pain any more. Although the goal seems to be hard to achieve, they can keep on as long as they remember their pain.

I was moved by this facial expressions at the end of the interview. He looks sad, melancholic, but looks so determined and furious.

This is what is happening right now in Chicago. But as a city or a country gets more affluent, the poorer hearts of its people become. We might see this happen in other areas. Your problem is also our problem. We should learn from this and should keep our society a good one.


When Anderson tried this, I was not a regular 360 watcher and didn't see it live. But I have checked out a video somebody posted on YouTube. When I first watched that, I couldn't help trying it out. I pour some Diet Coke into a glass and put a mentos. Nothing happened... Since then, I haven't tried. But this video encouraged me. I might want to try again soon!


In my previous post, I complained a little bit about my boyfriend, but we are like that always. I want to write more about typical Japanese men because people in other countries might be interested.

Japanese people are good at reading other people's mind and we do not always rely on verbal communication. Among boys and girls, we rarely whisper sweet nothing to each other. I sometimes hear a story of a women who are married to Westerner. What they often say is, "My husband says 'I love you' so often and I feel so happy about that." We can never expect a Japanese husband to say that. Also if wives hear their husband say that too often, they tend to find it less significant. "I love you." is only for a special occasion. That way, the word becomes a magic spell to girls. ...Of course, young people are changing and there are many people who say "I love you" too often.

Another tradition you might be surprised is how they walk in public. A man used to walk ahead of his wife and she follows him about one meter behind him. This sounds nothing but gender discrimination. But we have a long history of this old tradition, it is not considered OK to hug or kiss in public. Again, the situation is changing and more and more (but still a few?) young couple do that. However, usually when old people find them, they gripe about them and gaze at them in astonishment.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Even though they spent most of their time talking about election, AC360 is still a stress reliever for me. What was stressful? My boyfriend! After I came back from my trip, I only saw him once. At that time, I dropped into his place to get back something that I had lent him. He was there. We didn't have enough time and talk about ten minutes and I left there. Today, I went to his apartment again. But he was so tired that he was sleeping most of the time. When I got there, I started watching a Japanese news program, and after an hour or so, I left. I am really afraid I won't be able to have any romantic feeling to him any more. What should I do? I should get rid of him from my life? Or should I keep him in my real life and get really excited to see Anderson Cooper in his absence? Thinking what to do is already bothersome. Why not just enjoy watching 360? This must be the best idea!



Yummy :p

I was surprised how much money they need to keep on campaining. I remember writing the same thing a few months ago, but still all those figures told in the show were shocking to me. She raised more than whopping 10 million dollars within 24 hours!? This really means a lot to her. Getting donation is equivelent to getting votes. Once a person donatea money, no matter how much/little it might be, he/she will keep on supporting their candidate and they are keen on his/her political strategy.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I do know how much it would be important for the candidates to win tomorrow and as a girl hoping for society in which women can play as an important role as men, I would love to see Hillary win. A woman leading the biggest country will surely make a great impact all over the world. Even so, I don't have a say. I just look forward to Pennsylvania Primary results tomorrow.

(I don't want to publish my post without AC picture. I have some in another PC and I will add one or two pictures lateď˝’. -- 22:10 Tuesday, And I just added right now! )

Speaking of Pennsylvania, I went to Philadelphia a few weeks ago! During my stay in the States, I visited NYC, Washington DC and Philadelphia. Each city has its own unique atmosphere and I felt as if I had been traveling to different nation.
Philadelphia is a very beautiful city. Just walking around the city made me so relaxed. I saw a lot of cute brick buildings, a lot of beautiful flowers and beautiful parks.

Independence Hall
Before I got to the city, I knew nothing about the city. When I went to Independence Hall, I thought it was just a beautiful building with a beautiful park. Nothing historical. The building looks pretty new. Even so, at the entrance of the park, there were men asking to open my bag. One of them carefully checked what I had in my bag. They were even more careful than officers at the airport. It was just a park wasn't it? Soon after that, I learned that inside this building, Declaration of Independence was signed. So this place is like the birth place of America. Very important and sacred place for American people.

Elfreth's Alley

This is just a small path but I love this! Each building is so cute.

Betsy Ross?

Now I learned who she is, but when I got to this place, I had no idea who "Betsy Ross" was. I don't think many Japanese people know her name. I wrote about my trip on another blog that I write in Japanese and when I attached the picture above onto the blog, I wrote "Who is Betsy Ross??" My Hawaiian coworker read that and laughed at me! He said, "You wrote 'Who's Betsy Ross?' and it was too funny for me! Every American knows her!" I'm not an American! I've never educated their nor even lived there! He should understand.


Philadelphia is worth visiting. City is really beautiful and you can learn American history. I understand how important this city is for America people. So winning in this city really means something for candidates hoping to lead the country.


By the way, I am getting a lot of spam comments these days. I decided to moderate comments here. Sorry for the inconvenience but your comment will not appear until I read them and approve. I don't want constant visitors to feel bad to see bad comments.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Thanks to jetlag, my daily schedule has changed a little bit. Finally I am keeping early hours! I used to blog after I came back from work, that is I started blogging after midnight. Now, I get so sleepy after work and I sometimes don't turn on PC before I go to bed.

Only on Friday, I can see LKL just before AC360. I like Anderson's fake(?) smile he shows at the beginning and I like it a lot!

The caption is really annoying to me!
I don't want the caption!

While I was watching FLDS stories, I was watching them from various angles and sometimes, I was being skeptical.

1. Do you have to meddle in how they are living in the sect?

They are completely secluded from the modern society. They eat what they make, they wear what they sew, and they educate their kids in their own way. To us, their way of living is so weird. They should know more civilized and humane lives. However, that's their life. There may be some sexual abuse but we see them in our life too.

Take Iraq situation for example. The former regime seemed terrible. But they had their own way. Its people might have been scared all the time but they might have known how to lead lives that would not threaten them. However since Iraq war, their lives have been threaten. They may be killed at any moment. They had their own way, but we believed that they should have better lives. In the end they are suffering.

Even so, the people in the sect are living in America. American people should do something before it's too late. Because people are living VERY naturally, women keep on reproducing as soon as they are ready. They don't know our law. There will be too many people who worship Warren Jeffs.

2. Is this a religious group?

I remember they sometimes called them a religious group. Is teaching of Jeffs religion? Religion should be something that make our lives better one and that make us very nice persons. Followers must be nice people but what about the leader? What was his intention of making people believe that he was a "God?" Was it pure? Was it for his good?

I don't know much about this group but it reminds me of a troublesome "religious" group in Japan. We knew they were very weird, very unique group. What they were doing was nothing but absurd. Sometimes, they paid a lot of money for water, with which the leader had washed his face. And they happily drank it. The leader was a very messy, probably stinky, guy. Here's another example. They wore funny looking clothes and sang and danced in downtown to spread their teaching. ...Anyway, we just made fun of them. Gradually, the group metamorphosed into a terrorism group. They killed so many people.

Religion should be a way to pursue World Peace. But when it has a lot of followers, it could mislead its people, which I think we are seeing all around the world.



How artistic! They pour a lot of color ink onto drums and play them. I can not only enjoy the rhythm but also they look so beautiful.

At the end of the show, we were wrapped up with a lot of paper! That's why we saw notice so many times at the beginning of the show. The notice says; Paper used in this show is recycled.

This is the most exciting show I have ever seen! They didn't say a word but they know how to make us excited and how they communicate with audience. I sometimes call my teaching "an entertainment show." I stole some ways of entertaining my students!

A blueman and I

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Radio City Music HallSpeaker Series

A friend emailed me this info. Living in Japan, making use of this opportunity is impossible for me, but some of you might be interested. (Or you have already got this info.)

MSG Entertainment announces the first annual "Radio City Music HallSpeaker Series," entitled "The Minds That Move The World." This is atimely and important series of events that will provide attendees with aunique framework for understanding America's current political landscapeand place in world politics, through the insight of some of the mostprominent political figures of our time. Featuring: President BillClinton, Vice President Al Gore, John Edwards, Rudy Giuliani, TuckerCarlson, James Carville, Anderson Cooper, Arianna Huffington, and Tim Russert.

***To purchase, tickets go to:

Radio City Music Hall Speaker Series- "The Minds That Move The World"Schedule:

*April 21st, 8:00PM*Tucker Carlson, James Carville and Arianna Huffington (Moderated byAnderson Cooper)

*May 2nd, 8:00PM*Vice President Al Gore

*May 28th, 8:00PM*John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani (Moderated by Tim Russert)

*June 17th, 8:00PM*President William Jefferson Clinton


I am falling behind in updating this blog. I feel as if I am procrastinating handing in homework, saying, "I did that. I just forgot!" I watched 360! I didn't just blog about it!

Here are some photos from the past two days.

See you soon!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Long time No Anderson!

Hi, Anderson! Long time no see!

I missed a few minutes at the beginning of the show. Anderson was not ahcnoring from NY studio and it doesn't seem he was in LA either. Did he or Larry King tell where he was?

I was surprised to see them reporting on that polygamy again and again, and that was breaking news! As Anderson said, how long do they have to cover the story about them? That group seems so weird to me, but they have a strong belief and faith and we cannot change their thought easily and we don't have a right to do that, which makes it difficult to deal with religion-related problems and crimes. Japanese people, in general, are not a religious people but we do have some cult groups and they sometimes cause problems.

Oh! The caption disappeared!

I made it!

The caption is so annoying to me. I trid to read it to find out if it is convenienet for me. No. They appear too late. When I was listening to what they were talking, I never had a chance to read what they had said 10 seconds or so before.



I love MoMA. This is one of my favorite museums and this was my third visit.

First time I went there, it was under construction and I got to see only a part of the building and a few (still many) pictures and other exhibition. My favorite painting was not there.

The second time, and that was last year, I didn't have enough time. So I went there on Friday evening so I could enter for free. I rushed to my favorite pictures and a half an hour later, I rushed to Guggenheim.
I finally spent a few hours in this building. I LOVE being in this building!
So spacious, modern, fashionable, and bright. I feel so refleshed just to be there.

Starry Night

This is the one I like! It is called "Starry Night" but actually Gogh described what he saw very early in the morning.


I love this too! They have a lot of Matisse paitings. Each of them is so nice but I love this the best!

I not only love this picture but how they exhibit is also great. It seems to me that they even designed staircase just to show this painting.

WaterliliesI love sitting and relaxing in front of this picture. This is a huge picture and so beautiful. Monet described air, light on the surface of the water, and inside the pond. We can tell the depth of the pond, cannot we?

Speaking of Monet, I have once visited Musee de l'Orangerie in France. I remember seeing even bigger pictures of waterlilies in the basement of the museum. It was a small room and we can see huge waterlilies on each wall. I love that place, too.

After seeing around the museum, I went to cafe to have lunch. I knew everything would be expensive in the museum. I knew it would cost a lot to eat at a cafe in the museum.

But I didn't expect just panini and a coffee would cost $20!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Minor Changes

I watched 360 for the first time in a long time, and it seems that CNNj has changed a little on their programs.

1) First they won't air the second hour any more.
2) They are not showing Larry King Live before AC360. We can see LKL a few hours after 360. So we cannot see LK toss the program to AC.
3) And look at this!

They started open caption service! This means... I am seeing these caption on Anderson's beautiful face!? Ugh, I don't like this idea at all. I love taking pictures of Anderson's nice moments. AC without caption means that the right moments will be really limited.

How's the situation in other countries?


I guess every Anderfan that goes to NY pays a courtesy visit to this place. I am one of them. I love many shops there; Borders, Sephora, bebe, L'OCCITAN, Godiva, Whole Foods Market.

Speaking of WFM, I found this notice.

I was told "No Photos," when I was taking this picture. But he said that slightly after I pushed the shutter. It was a little bit late. I pretended I didn't understand English. I said something in Japanese and ran away! ...bad customer.

"15 days until we no longer use plastic bags"

I really support their decision! I wish all of the shops around the world should follow suit. (I know there are some shops that have already eliminated plastic bags.) I bought a bottle of water at Duane Reade and the woman at the cashier tried to put it into a bag! They should at least try to ask if we need them. This little thing will surely decrease the number of plastic bags they give just to be thrown away.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm back!

I haven't watched Anderson for as long as I can remember. The last time I blogged about him was March 21. So since then!? Totally Ander-free busy yearend and ACfree trip.

I arrived at my home at about 2:00 in the morning, 26 hours after I left the room in NY! It was a really long trip. I was deep asleep when AC360 was on. No AC recap yet.

I'm going to share one picture at one time!


I climbed up to Top of the Rock on the first day. It was a chilly night, but I forgot about the cold and enjoyed the beautiful city lights. I have seen the night view from Empire State Building when I first went to NY, 9 years ago. When I was there, I couldn't see it, of course. So it was nice for me to see the building from this place. The problem is... I couldn't see Top of the Rock. Hmm, the next time I go back to NYC, I will go up to Empire State Building.

Hey, I found this website so cool! Go ---> top of the rock

Come to think of it, I should have saved this most beautiful view for the last day. I am the kind of person who save the best for the last.