Friday, March 21, 2008

Playing Soccer with Beckham

I've been waiting to see Anderson's interview with David Beckham. Not having an access to CBS, I've been checking out 60 minutes website daily as well as I visit CNN/360. Finally I could see those two guys play soccer together. It's going to be a really nice interview.

I like watching soccer game and I admire his dexterity in his leg. His leg (left leg?) is sometimes compared to a golf club. I once heard that he can pass the ball so perfectly, that is, if the receiver is good at shooting with his right leg, Beckham passes the ball to the perfect position for his right leg. Of course, he does the same things to the player with good left leg.

However, I was wondering why Anderson took an interest in him. I am starting to find the answer to see the preview. Beckham wants to play a role of an ambassador and to make soccer, not "football," more popular in America. I believe this is a perfect mission for him. It sure does have a potential


copperfish said...

You've said it that football is very popular in the US so why wouldn't Beckham be interesting too not counting his legions of fans and equally a very popular wife like Victoria. And being already a humanitarian Ambassador makes him all the more. I guess it's what made him chose Beckham as a subject for his program. He likes to do stories on interesting people.

anne said...

I love these soccer Andy screencaps,Mio!!

mio_bella said...

I guess football is popular in the US, but football means "American football." Comparing to other countries, I don't think American people are excited about soccer. I didn't know that Beckham is a humanitarian Ambassador. All the impression I have on Beckham is... tatoos, VERY bossy wife, DV the fashion brand. These are how Beckham is reported in Japanese media. (Of course, there are some soccer programs that focus on his soccer.)

Me, too! I could never imagine Anderson play soccer. Pretty nice, huh?

Anonymous said...

Most Americans could not tell you the first thing about soccer. It dosen't even register as a real sport here. David Beckham is one of the most popular soccer players in the world and most people here don't know even know him. Never mind the fact that he left Europe to play here. Which boogles my mind why he would do that. Is his ego that large that he thinks he can get 300 million american turned on to soccer because of his talents? It would be like the most popular baseball player in america going to russia or something.

Anonymous said...

Word has it that he (Beck) got caught straying once too often and now she has him where she wants him. He does as she says or loses half of it all in this community property state.