Friday, March 14, 2008

Mmm Macadamia nuts

I've always thought that the camera is doing a great job on 360. It moves so fast and we can really feel this is a fast-paced show. Also how Anderson speaks is pretty fast and I love it. I don't know this is their first time to show all the correspondents at the beginning of the show. We've got to have a chance to see the entire studio as well and also we expect something exciting. The camera ran so fast and this is a breath of fresh air. It was as if we saw the studio for the first time.

They finally covered the story of Michelle Obama. After winning the primary, I was afraid this would fuel momentum. However, they are showing the story of Clinton's side on the next day's show and they showed a little bit of preview. They are really trying to be neutral. On the blog, it seems there are some viewer who are complaining that they are toward one side, but they are not considering the characteristics of open conversation. There may be by far more people who support one side. In that case, even though moderators are checking, more positive comments will appear for one side.

Anyway, I'd better not talk about politics.

I laughed out loud when Jeff seriously say that he had something he needed to say at the end of the conversation!

We, regular 360 viewer, know that he'd come back from Hawaii but Anderson explained why he gave him macadamia nuts to us,which I found really cute!

I was wondering what he was going to do with the souvenir. He might munch some while blogging during commercial. He might share it with other crews after the show. He might bring it home.

However, Erica blogged that he just tossed it to the staff. My imagination came to end on the spot.

I have been pretty busy with my work as I often write. Now I am even busier because I decided to join another English class, I already have one at my own school though, to improve my English skill! I have a lot of assignments. I feel as if I became a college student again!


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