Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I know how lazy I look these days. However, being lazy on this blog never means that I'm losing my infatuation to our Andy. I often say this but let me say again. Anderson looks most gorgeous on Monday! He might look the same all the time, but to Ander-crazy girls, but the time Monday show starts, we have a strong craving for our guy, which makes him even more handsome in our eyes.

lovely, adorable, cute ...


cuddly, fluffy, friendly ...

He's grown up to be ...

like this!


That's what I said the moment I saw the picture. But Erica's "WOW" was even more hearty and I loved that!

I didn't mean to scare you off...

As Anderson was telling a story about knut, his voice started to become softer and softer and sounded like a three-year-old boy. I can see and listen to this segment again and again on podcast!


Judy said...

Hi Mio
I just loved Andersons German accent. It was so funny, although I'm a bit afraid I really sound like that when I speak english... He even used a few German words. I wonder if Anderson speaks/understands German?

anne said...

Do you think Anderson's German accent was better than his British one he did awhile ago,when he was impersonating the Queen?LOL

He is so adorable when he does things like that!

Kristien said...

Hi Mio,
I loved Anderson's German accent! I'm just waiting to hear his Dutch accent, lol!
That picture of Knut is scary to say the least!

mio_bella said...

When someone tries to speak a foreign language, his/her voice becomes so soft and so cute. I have an American coworker who speaks English very strongly but the way he speaks Japanese is sooo cute. I once hear that a Japanese girl, not me, sounds cute because of her "cheesy" accent.

I didn't recognize the German words he used although I caught some words that I'm not familiar with.
People in so many countries speak English and there should be a lot of English with unique accent. So I don't think you should be afraid of the possibility of having a German accent in your English. But still, I hate English with Japanese accent. Do you remember "Zuiikin English"? The English used there is so terrible.

When Anderson tried British accent, he sounded like an old woman at the same time. And this time, he sounded like a little boy! It's hard to judge which was better, but I like little-boy Anderson better!

I can't imagine Dutch accent as I've never met a person who speaks it. Will we ever hear Anderson's Japanese accent when he introduce another silly video from Japan? It must be hard to immitate a language that's so unfamiliar to him.
The Knut picture is scary but great! The photographer got the best moment.