Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just screencaps and wierd Obama citizens

I am so late! You might drop in at this place several times only to find it untouched. I'll have you excited with a lot of beautiful Anderpics!

We need streakers on the program (!?)

A streaker!? So soon!?

Phew, no streakers on the program!

I wish I would be able to post the next blog earlier.

On another note, I wrote about Obama city in Japan and stupid citizes there. You can see the video here!

CNN Video


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the screencaps Mio, I just loved the moment that he looked suddenly if there actually WAS a streaker behind him. He was kidding of course, I just find it cute when he does that. Erica always brings out that side of him.


anne said...

Great screencaps!

Kristien said...

Thanks for the great pics Mio, I'm glad you captured his fake streaker reaction, it was funny.

Soupy Twist said...

These are great screencaps, Mio.

I haven't been able to come around in ages! Just recently I got back into the habit of watching AC 360. I've just been so busy these past months.

Connie4Hillary said...

Barack Hussein Obama is not fit to be a Senator and not to mention the next President of our Country.....
If he become our President there will be World War III on this Country hand not good at all.
What he is not telling the American People...What he really has in store for us is..His main goal is to unite all the Third World countries....and then War will began for United States... This comes from my heart and deepest feeling I have for this Man... I just wish others would see this too. Thank you for your time Connie

mio_bella said...

I'm soooo sorry I haven't replied to you sooner.

Thanks for your comments, Pebbles, anne, Kristien and Soupy Twist! It's really good to meet you up here. In order to enjoy communicating with my friends, I'll try to update more frequently.