Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Avoided the lame SHOT!?

Hey, long time no blog! I have been quite busy and I haven't updating so frequently as I used to do. I am working at a private English school and in Japan, academic year starts in April. A lot of new stuents are coming so I've got a lot of stuff to handle. I also have to prepare for the new semester.

Speaking of Japanese schedule, we don't have summer time. I turned on TV 20 minutes before 360 was supposed to start. But it had started! Then I realized that summer time has started there. I really believe we should have summer time in Japan in order to save energy. ...saving energy? Hmm, with or without it, I might comsume a lot of energy because I am such a night owl and I usually go to bed after 3:00am.

Anyway, even though I didn't miss the lame SHOT, my DVD recorder started recording when the second hour started.


I was expecting to see THE SHOT, but...

Planet in Peril started!

"We'll continue to cover. We'll be right back."
That's what he said.

and only a minute later,

"That's all for this edition of 360."
The show came to end so quickly, Anderson saying "I'll see you tomorrow night."

On another note, I just saw a rerun of "John" King Live in DC. Before the teaser, John King didn't forget to call Anderson "my man."


beaslma said...

Hey girl….long time no visit just wanted to tell you they screwed up the shot last night (incase you didn’t know) here’s the transcript from the original hour (see below) … it was pretty funny, he hyped that thing all hour. He is quite a salesman!  I can imagine heads rolled the next day. 

The "Shot of the Day" is just ahead, Erica. Talk about a close call. The guy -- take a look at this picture -- the guy walking across this parking lot has no idea what is about to come his way. He is very lucky to be alive. We'll show you why, next on 360.


COOPER: Time for "The Shot," Erica. To set the scene, Britain has been battered by fierce storms, as we know, in recent days. Severe winds have caused a lot of damage. So take a look at this video. It was shot in London.

It's a guy walking down the street minding his own beeswax. He has no idea his life is in danger. And then...

HILL: And then -- and then he walks out of frame.

COOPER: What? That was it? That was it? Are you kidding me?

HILL: Well, look again. Here it comes. COOPER: This is the first time I'm seeing it. Everyone is telling me this shot is great and then what, a big tree falls after him, falls down where he was?

HILL: Hey look, if he hadn't -- if he hadn't...

COOPER: Wah, wah, wah. I'm sorry.

HILL: That branch may have really scratched him.

COOPER: This is the lamest "Shot" I think we have ever had. This is just -- I was expecting a big tree to come and, like, hit him or something.

HILL: Narrowly miss crushing him to death?

COOPER: That doesn't even look like a tree to me. That looks like a mist in front of the lens. Man, I can't believe I got sold the bill of goods on that one.

HILL: Well...

COOPER: Wow. All right.

HILL: I guess it's a Monday.

COOPER: That's all we've got for "The Shot," huh?

HILL: That's all we got tonight. But just you wait until tomorrow, Anderson Cooper.

COOPER: We're going to have any animals going crazy, things -- we could slap on here to redeem ourselves?

HILL: Going out on a high note tonight, huh?

COOPER: Note to self: look at "The Shot" before you air it.

HILL: There you go.

COOPER: If you see some amazing videos of trees falling or things like that or people wiping a camera lens after a guy walks down the street, tell us about it at CNN.com/360.

HILL: And then putting it on YouTube.

COOPER: Yes. While you're there, check out all the cool things on our site. Cooler than that, I can tell you.

Coming up at the top of the hour, new details in the prostitution sting of New York's governor, allegedly caught in the middle of it. Next on 360.


anne said...

Thanks for the screencaps.

I thought the Shot was cute-we got to hear the Andergiggles,and they had a bit of fun with it!LOL

Mio,you can enjoy The Shot on the 360 podcast,I watched it again when I downloaded it today.

Anonymous said...

Hi there just came accross your blog and wanted to say hi. its nice to see other people out there that like Anderson to. my friends think im weird. i have to see 360 every night. i love everything about Anderson!

Anonymous said...

Well, I was so frustrated I didn't get to see The Shot. CNN Intl showed the 2nd hour of 360, so no The Shot segment but Planet in Peril. I knew AC360 would start an hour earlier, so I waited for it to start on CNN Intl, but they had CNN Today instead. So I assumed they would show the taped first hour on AC 360's timeslot, but instead they showed the 2nd hour. But then I got to listen to AC 360 LIVE through the website and heard The Shot segment I kept on laughing - Anderson was eagerly waiting for something to happen and nothing did, especially when he said "that is the lamest Shot we've ever had" and of course, the Andergiggles... So I was so excited to watch it, but unfortunately, no The Shot of the Day for us here. So I'm hoping CNN Intl would change their schedule and broadcast AC360's first hour. I'm thankful ATA posted the Shot of the Day, so I got to see it at last.


mio_bella said...

Thanks for the transcript. I thought I had written about the Shot, but I didn't. I did watch the segment and I was ready to post some screencaps of Andergiggles, but I couldn't.

I also got the podcast, actually I DL podcast everyday. The thing is... I cannot delete any of them so far. How do you deal with all the podcasts?

Anonymous person,
I have this infatuation and everybody around me thinks I'm weird. But on the net, there are so many Anderfans abroad and I make friends with so many people, which makes me even more excited.

You don't have summer time in the Phillipines? CNN international for your country should do a better job.
I love "the lamest SHOT" too! The shot itself might be a lame one, but we could tell how competent AC and Erica are to amuse us with their talk and smiles.

I did watch 2-hour live of AC360 but I cannot blog about it today. See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I've just come across your website, and I love it!
I love Anderson Cooper so much! I'm from Canada. Nice to see Andy has fans all over the world!

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your comment! I have some other Anderson fans from Canada. We are all good friends and I hope to have Ander-celebration party in Canada some day!