Friday, March 28, 2008

Cherry Blossoms

I finally get everything done and ready to leave! I'll be arriving in NY on 29th. Thanks for the suggestions from you all. Now I am getting excited about the trip!

One thing I'll miss is cherry blossoms. The tree is something special to Japanese people. It symbolizes vicissitudes of life and we have a kind of parties around trees while it is in full bloom. Some trees started blooming, but I will surely miss them in the most beautiful states. But at least, I enjoyed a little bit of blossoms today.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I've been pretty busy with my work these days and I haven't had enough time to enjoy blogging. I'll be off for a while. If I find something that is really worth posting and writing, I'll update.

As I wrote before, I'll travel to NY again next week. But the fact is... I haven't prepared anything about the trip. I at least booked plane ticket and a room. My suitcase is completely empty and so is my schedule. Is there any good suggestion? If you know some good restaurants, shops, museums, musicals and others, please let me know!

Playing Soccer with Beckham

I've been waiting to see Anderson's interview with David Beckham. Not having an access to CBS, I've been checking out 60 minutes website daily as well as I visit CNN/360. Finally I could see those two guys play soccer together. It's going to be a really nice interview.

I like watching soccer game and I admire his dexterity in his leg. His leg (left leg?) is sometimes compared to a golf club. I once heard that he can pass the ball so perfectly, that is, if the receiver is good at shooting with his right leg, Beckham passes the ball to the perfect position for his right leg. Of course, he does the same things to the player with good left leg.

However, I was wondering why Anderson took an interest in him. I am starting to find the answer to see the preview. Beckham wants to play a role of an ambassador and to make soccer, not "football," more popular in America. I believe this is a perfect mission for him. It sure does have a potential

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Since I learned that Anderson would be on campaign trail, I couldn't wait to see how it would turn out. I was wondering if it was all right to feature one side, how Obama would look being interviewed with a super-sexy reporter. The other day, we saw Anderson's interview with Obama. Obama is an attractive candidate even though I personally don't like him very much. I don't know if this happened just in my eyes, but Obama didn't look bald, sharp and strong because interviewer is too bright.
I couldn't keep my eyes off of the "scar" under Anderson's eye. What's happened to his beautiful face!? I was so attracted to Anderson, but at the same time, I was a little bit worried.
The fact is that he had skin cancer removed. Ouch!!
After I learned about the stitches on his face, I felt all right and shouted and shouted and almost fainted!

Did I really listen to the interview? Well, I don't think I understood everything although I watched the show twice. The first time, I went so crazy. The second time, I was trying to listen to them while captureing some pictures. But again, I didn't listen to them caredully enough. I was just looking at Anderson! He looked brilliant today, even with stitches!


I felt exhausted after extremely busy days. I should have hit the sack as soon as I came home, but instead, I turned on my PC, with which I see CNN every day, and checked out Tuesday 360. As I wrote, I kept on shouting and almost fainted several times, which made me even exhausted. But the show really soothed my fatigue. I need to watch podcast again so that I might listen to them more carefully.

Monday, March 17, 2008

LK & AC ... both off

I haven't updated this blog for the past few days, and today I was really ready to blog about the show during the show just like anchors do the live blog. Summer time has started in the States, but we don't have one here. 360 starts at 12:00 in the winter, but now starts at 11:00. I usually leave for work at somewhere between 14:00 ~ 15:00 on weekdays. I can sit back and watch 360 more relaxingly than before.
However... Soledad is anchoring today's show. She is talented and beautiful and I like it. But I stopped recording the show and decided just to watch the show.
Money mess? Hmm, that might be bad for American people, but I am so happy about that! Now dollar is record cheap! I am going to the States next week (NEXT WEEK!? OMG! I haven't planned anything!) , and I have to exchange money. Last year, $1=120 yen, but as of today, $1=96 yen! What a difference! I am really curious to know why this is happening.

New Commercial
I watched this commercial for the first time and it looks so cool.

Wow! John King is now in Iraq! It must be a really tough job to be a correspondent or anchor in CNN!

It's another great opportunity for me to learn what's going on in Iraq.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mmm Macadamia nuts

I've always thought that the camera is doing a great job on 360. It moves so fast and we can really feel this is a fast-paced show. Also how Anderson speaks is pretty fast and I love it. I don't know this is their first time to show all the correspondents at the beginning of the show. We've got to have a chance to see the entire studio as well and also we expect something exciting. The camera ran so fast and this is a breath of fresh air. It was as if we saw the studio for the first time.

They finally covered the story of Michelle Obama. After winning the primary, I was afraid this would fuel momentum. However, they are showing the story of Clinton's side on the next day's show and they showed a little bit of preview. They are really trying to be neutral. On the blog, it seems there are some viewer who are complaining that they are toward one side, but they are not considering the characteristics of open conversation. There may be by far more people who support one side. In that case, even though moderators are checking, more positive comments will appear for one side.

Anyway, I'd better not talk about politics.

I laughed out loud when Jeff seriously say that he had something he needed to say at the end of the conversation!

We, regular 360 viewer, know that he'd come back from Hawaii but Anderson explained why he gave him macadamia nuts to us,which I found really cute!

I was wondering what he was going to do with the souvenir. He might munch some while blogging during commercial. He might share it with other crews after the show. He might bring it home.

However, Erica blogged that he just tossed it to the staff. My imagination came to end on the spot.

I have been pretty busy with my work as I often write. Now I am even busier because I decided to join another English class, I already have one at my own school though, to improve my English skill! I have a lot of assignments. I feel as if I became a college student again!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Forgot to turn on PC

... and I couldn't watch & record Wednesday's 360. I wonder if there were some nice Andermoments that I should not miss. I imagine they spent most of their time covering the regignation of NY mayor. I'll go to bed with my ipod and watch the podcast.

(Not at all worthy posting such a dull excuse)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Avoided the lame SHOT!?

Hey, long time no blog! I have been quite busy and I haven't updating so frequently as I used to do. I am working at a private English school and in Japan, academic year starts in April. A lot of new stuents are coming so I've got a lot of stuff to handle. I also have to prepare for the new semester.

Speaking of Japanese schedule, we don't have summer time. I turned on TV 20 minutes before 360 was supposed to start. But it had started! Then I realized that summer time has started there. I really believe we should have summer time in Japan in order to save energy. ...saving energy? Hmm, with or without it, I might comsume a lot of energy because I am such a night owl and I usually go to bed after 3:00am.

Anyway, even though I didn't miss the lame SHOT, my DVD recorder started recording when the second hour started.


I was expecting to see THE SHOT, but...

Planet in Peril started!

"We'll continue to cover. We'll be right back."
That's what he said.

and only a minute later,

"That's all for this edition of 360."
The show came to end so quickly, Anderson saying "I'll see you tomorrow night."

On another note, I just saw a rerun of "John" King Live in DC. Before the teaser, John King didn't forget to call Anderson "my man."

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just screencaps and wierd Obama citizens

I am so late! You might drop in at this place several times only to find it untouched. I'll have you excited with a lot of beautiful Anderpics!

We need streakers on the program (!?)

A streaker!? So soon!?

Phew, no streakers on the program!

I wish I would be able to post the next blog earlier.

On another note, I wrote about Obama city in Japan and stupid citizes there. You can see the video here!

CNN Video

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Obama City?

As many of you 360 viewers know, Japan is a mysterious country.

We happen to have a small town called Obama. People living there are so keen on supporting Barak Obama. They look so fanatic and I didn't like watching any report from there. They just look so absurd. Today, I happened to watch a little bit of live report from Obama city, where there are Japanese Obama girls dancing hula, and a large number of people watching election results as if they are actually supporting Obama. As usual, I turn off TV since they look waaaay tooooo stupid. Some of them don't know who Obama is.

I don't have any good feeling about that, but I though it would be nice for "THE SHOT." There are so many Obama goods in Japan, including Japanese version of Obama girls. I was about to collect some info and submit, but CNN has already covered the story of the city!
Obama's backing Obama
Posted: 10:30 AM ET

OBAMA, Japan (CNN) — At a small bakery in a fishing village in western Japan, the ovens are on overdrive Tuesday.
"Tomorrow's the big event," said Koichi Inoue, steam rising from his freshly baked sweet "manju" treats. "We want Obama to win."
Inoue holds up a manju, his prized treat this year. Emblazoned on the front is a caricature of presidential candidate Barack Obama, with the phrase: "I (heart) Obama."
The fanatical support of this isolated town of 32,000 residents seems most unlikely until you learn its name: Obama, Japan. And this town is supporting its namesake with the sort of gusto you'd expect only from a proud town cheering on its favorite son, even though the candidate has never been here and the residents have only seen him on television.
As the U.S. primary vote returns come in Wednesday in Japan, the self-proclaimed "Unofficial Supporters of Obama" are planning a party with all the Obama fixings it can muster.
The club says up to 100 of its members are gathering in their celebration kimonos to watch American news coverage. For entertainment, members who are also local hula girls have created a dance in honor of the man who might be the next U.S. president.
Special sushi, hamburgers, and pork fillets, all made in honor of Barack Obama, are on the menu. And while their opinions won't matter when it comes to votes, they remain determined to send well wishes half-way around the world.
"I love Obama!" said Tatsyuyki Funai, the president of Funai Works Co, a lacquer chopsticks maker. He showed us his special "Obama" chopsticks he'd love to send to Barack Obama.
A pair of the city's chopsticks did go to the senator. Mayor Toshio Murakami sent a set of Obama's signature lacquer chopsticks a year ago, in honor of Barack Obama's birthday, which falls on "Chopstick Day."
He didn't hear from the senator until a week ago, but says he doesn't really mind the delay because the accompanying letter, he says, was so kind.
"Here," said Murakami, pointing to Barack Obama's signature on the letter, now an official city 'treasure.' Above it were the words, "Your friend," in Japanese. "It's very elegant and I'm honored to get this during abusy political season."
In the letter, the senator wrote to the mayor, "As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is exciting to hear that you are engaged in debates that reach beyond your shores. We share more than a common name."
Alcillena Wilson, an American teaching English in Obama, Japan, was surprised to learn how engaged her neighbors were in U.S. politics, thanks to the simple accident of sharing a name with a candidate.
"Many Americans have never heard of Obama the city, Japan. I'm sure we've all heard of Tokyo and Osaka and Kyoto. So it's a way to open up the means of communication and learn about each other. And I think it's great."
For Koichi Inoue, the bakery owner prepping those special manju treats for the Obama party, the connection means more than just a quirky coincidence.
"Obama is an old town and needs a second wind. Maybe this is exactly the newspirit our town needs."
–CNN Correspondent Kyung Lah

I thought it needs a comment from a Japanese, but the comment was already closed by the time I checked it out.
I wonder if 360 will introduce this fanatic city. I also wonder he will try to speak Japanese-English when he talks about Japan.
I totally have nothing to do with American politics, but as a woman, I got really excited to see Clinton's wins yesterday!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I know how lazy I look these days. However, being lazy on this blog never means that I'm losing my infatuation to our Andy. I often say this but let me say again. Anderson looks most gorgeous on Monday! He might look the same all the time, but to Ander-crazy girls, but the time Monday show starts, we have a strong craving for our guy, which makes him even more handsome in our eyes.

lovely, adorable, cute ...


cuddly, fluffy, friendly ...

He's grown up to be ...

like this!


That's what I said the moment I saw the picture. But Erica's "WOW" was even more hearty and I loved that!

I didn't mean to scare you off...

As Anderson was telling a story about knut, his voice started to become softer and softer and sounded like a three-year-old boy. I can see and listen to this segment again and again on podcast!