Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Your brain can tell

What they think and what your brain thinks does not always correspond, which I found really interesting. Is it possible my brain doesn't like Anderson? It cannot be true. But I want to ask my brain what kind of emotion I have toward my BF. Our relationship is a little bit weird to other people. He lives just a mile away, but we only see each other once a week or in two weeks. When we meet, we spend most of the time talking about politics, physics ... difficult subjects. After 2 hours of discussion, he gets tired and drive me away, or I escape! Tell me what you think about him, my brain?

There are some people among undecided voters who are attracted to Anderson. There should be! He must have been the most attractive person at the Republican debate. My brain must be "pink" all the time, which I can tell so easily. Every time he appears on screen, I scream, get intoxicated and collapse!

Isn't this a new camera angle? Every tiny change is a big change to me.

Anderson was standing still watching John King making a presentation. When he asked, he sounded brusque. He looked like a cold-blooded young capable boss, which is not true. He is a passionate young capable anchor!

...and intelligent & sexy!


David said...

mio, your crush turned into infatuation and now I think your infatuation has turned into an unhealthy obsession! I know it started all in good fun and you didn't take your self to seriously about it. But I just get this picture in my head of thisd teenage girl screaming for her favorite rock star. Do you dream of the day he comes to Japan and you two get married and live happily-ever-after?

Pati Mc said...

Ugh, what is up with this David dude? Seriously.

Anyhow, I wanted to say that I love the pics and your last sentence Mio.I totally agree.

I also have to guiltily admit that Anderson sounds really cute with his stuffy nose.

Break out the TheraFlu girls!

Hope you all enjoy Super Tuesday. I also hope Anderson takes his cold to bed. He needs some TLC.

ME Ellee said...

Hi Mio, and Everyone,
Yes, Mio, your brain probably IS pink, but then so are most of the brains who watch AC360. It's just one of the side effects, AND (note this David) IT IS NOT HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH! LOL Actually, it reduces stress, so it is good for your heart.

Mio, I also dropped by to invite you and your readers to visit a new art gallery, the AnderArt Gallery, a special gallery of pictures of that anchor who turns your brain pink. It's Anderson like you've never seen him before.

If you want to make a link, it's okay. I'll make a link back to here, too. Have fun. Enjoy. I love all your pictures and comments. They are so much fun to read. I love your "insights."

Link: http://anderartgallery.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

I thought Anderson seemed a little stuffy 2 weeks ago. He needs to stop snorting and sucking his snot up through his nose. He can get a sinus infection by doing that! Get well Anderson!

mio_bella said...

I wrote too stupidly. I am infatuated, that's for sure. I might be a little bit obsessed. I am watching an American news program daily, which I really don't have to! But I am not so immature as to wish to get married to him! I know who my future husband is, and he is kind of happy about my obsession to Anderson.

I loved his nasal voice as well! Even cold makes him nice. I never want one for me, though.

ME Ellee,
Thank you for the link, and congrats on the launch of your new blog! I love every Anderson with unique effects.
I'm so glad to know you enjoy reading what I write! I'm not good at writing. My english essays are always handed back to me with a lot of corrections! What I write is always boring. However, I enjoy writing about Anderson! I hope this blog will enhance my writing skill!