Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What's Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday! Being a Japanese, it has nothing to do with me. But I have been watching AC360 covering politics, I was curious how things would turn out. Also, Japanese news programs are spending long time covering this story.

Even though I heard a lot about American politics, there are still a lot of things I don't know. I try to ask my collegue. Before I write silly side of him, I'd better write good sides of him. He is an American, he has various kinds of knowledge and a smart person. He is working as an English teacher in my school, but he is also working as a Spanish teacher in a public school. He has been in Japan for about 7 years, and his Japanese language skill is amazing. Sometimes, he speaks nicer Japanese than I do. He has a sense of humor, he is neat and I look up to him. Phew, this is all. Then, I tried to ask this guy something about American election system.

What's Super Tuesday???

That was what he said! After all, I ended up explaining what it is to an American. Is it possible an American doesn't know what Super Tuesday is? I wish he'd give me his vote so that I could pitch in!


David said...

super tuesday... a term invented by the media to describe the first tuesday in Feburuary in a presidential election year. It is simply when 25 states (there is 50 states in all) vote in the republican and democratic primary to elect who they what as thier nominee for president. It's super because of the large amount of states that particpate in it.
(Mio, I was kinda joking about the whole obsession thing. I know you're a smart cookie! haha I'm watchin 360 right now)

David said...

who would you vote for Mio?

ME Ellee said...

It's possible your friend is from a state that doesn't participate in the primaries when the other states do. Some states don't have primaries until May. That might excuse him a bit, however, DOESN'T HE WATCH CNN??????? Sheesh! :)

Jan said...

Mio--I hope you are all right and not working to hard, since you haven't updated the blog for a few days. We miss you.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for the explanation. Japanese news programs are covering a lot of stories on U.S. presidential election these days, and this will surely help explain to my students in English!

If I could cast my vote, I might vote for Clinton. (I would be "Asian American" among whom Clinton is very popular as they say.) I didn't like her at first because she looks too invincible. But we are seeing her human-side as time goes by, and she looks and sounds capable.
Or I might vote for MacCain. One of my friends supports him. She believes that he would lead your country to a better one. She said strongly enough to make me convinced.

ME Elee,
Now my friend lives in Japan, and he never watches any TV programs from America. He doesn't even know who Anderson Cooper is!

I'm totally fine! I'll try to update more often!