Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

In Japan, Velentine's Day "was" considered to be the only day when girls could confess their love to somebody they secretly love. They say "I love you" with a box of chocolate.

Time has changed. Girls still give chocolates to boys, but nowadays they are giving not only boys. It is usually girls that love chocolates more! They exchange chocolates with their female friends. As for me, I buy a lot of chocolate for me to eat! At this time of year, my neiborhood department deals in so many gorgeous chocolates that I cannot help getting some!

I am wondering if any of you know these chocolatier:

I tried chocolate by Oriol Balaguer for the first time, and I terribly love them! I bought 8 boxes of Balaguer chocolates! When you eat a piece, you will feel intoxicated for hours. I'm also addicted to Chocolate. Mmmmm, chocolate!

So far, I wrote a lot about expensive chocolates, but I am not only eating superexpensive chocolates. Two of my 10-year-old students gave me chocolate of their own making. They didn't look gorgeous, but they were the best!

Oh, I made chocolate too. It doesn't look beautiful at all, but it tastes delicious. I made four boxes of chocolate and have some of my students taste it. Last year, I just bought and gave them to the students. They seemed happy. But they got excited to see the chocolate that I made although it looks ugly.

Did I give some chocolate to my BF? Well, he doesn't tell the difference between cheap chocolate and superexpensive chocolate. I just showed some beautiful chocolate to him, and brought it back home again. At least, he will be able to enjoy my ugly chocolate!


anne said...

Happy Valentine's Day Mio!

copperfish said...

Hmmm...chocolates! Love them too! Somewhere I read that these are also considered aphrodisiacs and that it perks you up when eaten, that is why they're very popular especially on Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mio!

Jan said...

Happy Valentine's day to ALL.

mio_bella said...

Aphrodisiacs? I didn't know that. But it really mesmerizes me!

Anderson will be reporting from NOLA, but they will also have to cover that school shooting incident. Whenever Anderson tries to go out of the studio, something bigger happens. I really hope he can spend enough time on the reconstruction of NOLA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio! This is David, They changed the thingy so I couldn't sign my name. Hope you had a good Valentines Day. You asked earlier about delegates and super delegates. It's kinda complicated to explain but here goes. Each state is made up by districts determined by the partys. The more people you have the more districts. So lets say that you need 50,000 people to make up a district. The party then "delegates" a person that represents that district. He or she is the delegate. Then later in the year all the delegates gather together and cast thier votes at the convention. So a candidate could actually win the state in popular votes but may have less delegates. But each states politacal party has different rules. Some have a winner take all. And some keep each delegate they win even if they lose the state. Super delegates are in my opinion terrible. Because they are the same as regular delegates but at the convention the super delegates can cast thier vote any way they want. Meaning they can go against thier district and vote for another candidate. And these super delegates can make up 20% of the vote. So to me it takes the power away from the people and gives it to a select few. And this year these super delegates could change everything for the democrats.

mio_bella said...

Thanks a lot for answering my question. I still don't understand perfectly, but I agree with you in your opinion on superdelegates. They may be special people and they may have good reason to have such a previlege. I remember each superdelegate is about 1,300 more powerful than a delegate. If they have just twice as much power, I might think that's so powerful.