Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gender and Cultural Differences

It's interesting to hear how we see Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman. Gender gap does exist, but we should see it in good way. For example, we care about what she wears. Her clothes can make a lot of different impressions. On the other hand, McCain does look the same whatever he wears. Is it tricky? How we see tears from a woman and from a man is also different. Isn't that fair? Anyway, a man and a woman are not 100% equal. Both have role. Girls don't have to be treated just like boys.

In my opinion, I think for a woman to be the leader is a good idea. Women care more about her daily lives, and future generation. We have maternal instinct. If I am a candidate, I never want to use up that incredible amount of money on campaign trail. I might want to skip one rally, and donate the same amount of money on donation. It may not be allowed to give those money to people in certain areas of the country. Maybe, donating to tackle poverty in Africa? They would save hundreds or thousands of lives there. Or donating to tackle global warming? To me, some of them are squandering their investment.

Well, a stupid comment from an outsider. Just forget about what you might have read.

And ...

Indulge yourself in a lot of Anderson!

Before you see more Anderson, I will write something of small importance.

Before they started discussion, Anderson introduced those professionals below;

Big smile,

best smile,

awkward smile; actually, he showed so many facial expressions in such a short time

just a smile;


I forgot her nationality, apparently American now. Maybe Asian people have the similar idea about how they want to be looked as a professional. In Japan, we do not often see politicians' picture with his/her smile. They show a slight smile, not a big one. Just like the woman above. However, in the pictures of all the candidates for the U.S. president, they are showing big smiles, which I find interesting. They do look confident and have good effect on supporters.

You need more Anderson's pictures, don't you!? Go ahead!

"I'm Anderson Cooper. Good night."

I never feel sleepy when he says that! He looks and sounds so sexy that I get more and more excited!
You like dogs and so do I! This is my beagle! To me, she looks like a princess! I don't know who/which is cuter, Anderson or my dog, bella. To you, maybe Anderson?


mio_bella said...

I noticed I hadn't published this post yesterday and I let it shown just now!

anne said...

Mio,your doggie is so cute dressed up like that!

Molly said...

Your dog looks like a miniature style icon like Audrey Hepburn or Jacqueline Kennedy in that retro-looking outfit. (Uhm, I hope no one is offended I'm comparing them to a dog...)She is completely adorable and you can tell she has more personality than the beagle who recently won the Westminster Dog Show.

Anonymous said...

You really have a cute dog Mio, her name really fits her Bella=pretty

Off topic: I just found a clip on youtube of a parody skit on SNL about AC360. Seth Meyers really does a good AC, It would have been more appropriate if he wore the blue shirt AC always wears or a tight black t shirt LOL! If you wanna see here's the link:


mio_bella said...

My dog always feels cold and she realy needs the clothes. In addicion, she looks cute in it!

Nobody has ever compared Bella with Audrey Hepburn or Jacqueline Kennedy! I was delighted to read your comment and told that to my parents. They feel honored too. Thanks for such nice words!

I checked out that video, too. I think that guy copies AC well. He would be even more appriate when he doesn't nod during interviews.