Friday, February 15, 2008

From Louisiana

It seems whenever he goes out of the studio, some breaking news happen. Before the show, I was worried about the possibility of his having to spend most of the hour covering the story of school shooting. But the show turned out to be just perfect. Enough politics, tragedy and people in New Orleans.
By the way, Anderson looks sexiest when he is reporting from NOLA and I had to watch the show again and again to listen to him. (English is a foreign language to me and still his words slip from my ear. Stupd excuse?? )

At the beginning, Anderosn sounded optimistic about the situation in the city. But there are still many people suffering from inconvenience. Rehabilitation of New Orleans seems to have nothing to do with a Japanese girl, but it is really interesting to see how people can cooperate and bring hope to devastated areas and people.

At the beginning of the show, there seemed nobody was there, but there were!

Here they are!

At 360 Bulletin, they told us one way for Iraqi people to recruite suicide bombers. I felt so sick to hear that.
Recently, in Japan, there was a problem of abusing mentally challenged people. A restaurant manager has been making them work without paying, and what's worse, the employer got all the pension for them. Those people sound more slaves than employee. They have no rights. Some people have been working under such a condition for more than 30 years. Many people got furious to hear that. This cannot happen in a modern country, but it is happening.
In a less civilized country, something much worse is happening.
From that "less civilized country," these kids receive the sweet present on Valentine's Day!

No word is needed to report how people feel. Look at a warm-hearted smile. This tells everything.


anne said...


thanks for the NOLA screencaps.
He looks so nice!

I wish they had used the second hour to do the stories that had to have been cut to make room for the school shootings news.

Instead we got the usual rerun-it did not make sense,really.
When will we see those now I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the screencaps Mio! I love it when he smiles.


mio_bella said...

I agree with you! When he is in the studio, it's ok to have one-hour show. For the first hour, I am paying attention to both TV and live blog, and for the second hour, I listen carefully to what they are talking about. I need to see again and again to get the hold of the content.
But when he is reporting from somewhere special, they should extend the show to two hours!

Who can stay calm when he smiles!