Thursday, February 14, 2008

First Time!

I finally did get to have a chance to join live blog! This is so exciting! I felt like I was watching the show with so many people around the world! The one-hour show went on in a blink of an eye. At first, I thought I would have to watch the show carefully, but in the end, I was paying more attention to the blog. As a non-American, neither politics nore baseball excites me.

Erica in NY studio!

Anderson seemed so happy with her! I like her a lot, too!
There she is!

Tryint to figure out how live blogging works...

And finally made it at 10:58! (Actually her comment appeared at 10:56.)


I have a beagle, too! And my beagle is cuter in my eyes.


Anonymous said...

Hey mio! I was just at the AC 360 blog reading all the live blog comments and I saw your post. It really is cool to see instant replies from AC. He had funny comments about Erica. He blamed it on her that he logged on late in the show. I agree with what you said, AC seemed very happy to have Erica on. He was even teasing Erica, who's trying to figure out how to log on LOL! I loved AC 360 today, Erica is a refreshing addition to the program. Oh and about the beagle, he is sooo cute.


Peter said...

You Have a BEAGLE! I didn't know you have a doggie, he must be quite a cutie -- like Anderson.

Alan & I have three dogs and we love them a lot. I'm glad you are like us: a dog person.

mio_bella said...

Sorry for the VERY late reply! It's really exciting to see my comment on the spot. And it's even more exciting to know that you noticed what I wrote! Live blog is such a nice idea! I will definitely try again!

I've already posted a picture of my dog for the latest post. I hope you find her cute!