Saturday, February 02, 2008


Anderson was stunningly beautiful on Friday show. It was not live, but I don't care as long as I can enjoy Anderbeauty. His attraction never ceases.

Let's see if I am a good cook...

put some ingredients roughly

(he doesn't like dirty hand?)

Not only a frog but cooking makes him jump!

Shake the pan and scatter veggies around the stove!

Phew! It was a hard work!

By the way, is Feb.1 podcast available? I started commuting on foot and I enjoy podcast even more these days. I miss it today...

I didn't watch yesterday's 360, but I almost forgot missing it. I was overwhelmed by the volume of work I have in my daily life. At least, I can post how he looked the previous night.

I admit I haven't been keenly watching 360, so I am not 100% certain. But did you see this segment? Who is this lady??

Voice of 360 contest


parrotslave said...

When Anderson was guest-hosting on Regis he mentioned that Fran Drescher had auditioned for the announcer job.

anne said...

I love the expressions on his face during that R@K segment-he is so cute!

Cooking with Andy-LOL

mio_bella said...

Hi parrotslave,
Thanks for the tip! However, I don't know who Fran Drescher is. Sadly, so many celebrities in America are unfamiliar to me.

Eating Andy's dish. I wish we can all share that!

Delie said...

Wonderful screencaps, Mio! Thanks!