Thursday, February 21, 2008

Biceps Biceps Biceps!

I'm feeling a little bit better. Thanks for all the comments for the previous post. I've gotten rid of nasty headache. This alone makes my day! Even so, I still have a runny nose and a sore throat. I know I should go to bed immediately, but how can I not update a little bit about Wednesday's show!?

John Stewart tossing the show to Anderson was a little bit awkward...

Why do we love Anderson? Here's one of the reason; BICEPS! Even Arnold Schwarzenegger admires his biceps!?

Working out?

Working out!

Erica didn't believe that Gov. Schwarzenegger asked him that at the Republican Debate and she tried to call him to see if that was true! What a mischievous smile! That's why we love Erica, isn't it!?

"I didn't make it up!!"

Anderson was still funny to ask John to back him up. Sadly, John's part was, of course, videotaped and John Roberts just read what he was supposed to. Somehow John looked a little bit funny to me.

Speaking of biceps, I gathered together several bicep pictures! One of them is not Anderson's biceps. It looks too obvious but would you like to find which one is "fake?"

(1)        (2)

(3)        (4)

(5)        (6)

Can you tell whose biceps "it" is?

Just a cap from previous shows.

February 19
February 18

I really need to go to bed now. Tomorrow, we are seeing debate and I won't write a lot about that. See you on Friday!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little better Mio. You know what, I think us Anderfans been talking about and mesmerized with Anderson's biceps long before others have. To answer your little quiz, I think no. 4 is Jeff Corwin's right?

I enjoyed AC360 yesterday, especially the Anderica moments LOL! those guys really made me laugh. I loved the part when Anderson was getting frustrated with Erica that he crumpled the paper and threw it at her. They're just like brother and sister teasing and kidding with each other.


Anonymous said...

Mio, Hello my darling. If you go to:'Brien/video/episodes.shtml

And click on tuesday's show, you can watch the full interview with anderson. -David

Peter said...

I hope you are reading this comment from bed. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, but you need your rest and lots of chicken soup.

I agree with Pebbles, biceps #4 is Jeff Corwin -- now, if you really want to make it easy for us, let us guess which butts and Anderson's and which are Jeff's. lol

Please pet your doggie on the head for me, thanks.

mio_bella said...

You're right! This question is too easy for Anderfans!
I really love Erica teasing AC but sadly, they don't include "What were they thinking?" segment to podcast.

Thanks for the link! However, it says the clips are not available from my location.. I just turn to YouTube.

Mmmm, chicken soup! I try to drink as much mineral water as possible, but that sounds better.

I pet Bella on the head for you and she sneezed at me! Or at you? She is cute to me whatever she does.

Anonymous said...

What a funny post, Mio. Yes we've been mesmerized by Anderson's biceps for some time now. Remember when he used to be so skinny? How things have changed! I think he loves bringing up that Schwarzenegger comment. And of course whenever he wears those tight T-shirts, he makes sure to show off the guns. I loved when Erica told him about calling Schwarzenegger's office! Too funny! I agree with Pebbles, they tease each other like brother and sister.

mio_bella said...

Anonymous person,
He seemed really pround to have tough biceps now. When I watched, the Mole, I thought he was too skiny, but now he looks perfect. I am encouraged to do a little bit of muscle training.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you knew where I could watch the Anderson/Jon toss..