Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Apathetic about Politics

In Japan, students or young people are generally apathetic about politics. Today, I asked some 18-year-old students if they think it a good idea for 18-year-old people to have rights to vote. Nobody said, "Yes." Here are some reasons from my students;
  • We are too ignorant.
  • We are too young to know the society and our parents' opinion will be our opinion.
  • We don't know about politics.
They sound so naive, but I'm afraid there are so many students who think this way. This is not their fault. Children mirros adults in this country.

Before I left home, I saw Anderson's interview with 21-year-old superdelegate. I told them about his story, and my students seemed a little shocked. Actually I was shocked as well because I don't know enough of Japanese politics.

I am watching CNN every day. I am not so interested in American politics, but I am learning something. Japanese people are way too naive. So few people are concerned about politics. We should instill youger generation importance of voting.

I blurted out what I wanted to say. I won't write anything any more. Just enjoy Anderson in various angles!


anne said...

Thanks for the various Ander poses,Mio!

Judy said...

Hi Mio
what is the age to be able to vote in Japan? In Germany it is 18 years for all elections, but for local elections (like for the citymayor) the minimumage is just 16.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for the comment for the previous post, too.
Anderson is beautiful from 360 view, isn't he?

I can never imagine a Japanese 16-year old casting a vote!
In Japan, people over 20 years old have rights to vote. Now, we are starting to discuss whether the age should be lower to 18 or not. I think we are left behind as for politics.