Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's waaay too late to blog about Monday 360 and I'll blog about the show anyway.


One of the reason I have been lazy is this!! It's soooo cold in my room. I try not to turn on the air conditioner when I am alone in a room. It's a waste of energy and could be a cause of global warming. I don't need warm room if it means warming our planet.
How about in your area? Isn't it really cold these days?


These kids are so cute, and that's for sure. But I love the way Anderson analyzed this video. We can see a lot of emotions in a short video. I didn't notice that and I watched it again. Curious, angry, agonized, crying, innocent, content... and so on.

However, what I liked the most was, of course...

Anderson watching this video!
His facial expression was so soft.

The other day, I wrote that I had some questions about American politics and that I asked my American coworker. (In the end, he didn't even know what Super Tuesday is.) Anyway, this is the question I wanted to ask! What is the difference between delegate and super delegate? I didn't check out info myself, so it was really good to me.

We know Anderson likes his blackberry and he actually admitted that he is addicted to it!
When he said, "My Name is Anderson Cooper and I'm addicted to my blackberry," I felt somewhat excited, which I really didn't need to. You know, this blog title is "Addicted to Anderson Cooper." It's like he accidentally called this blog title.

Even though it seems I have lost my addiction, I am still ADDICTED TO ANDERSON!


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anne said...

Those 2 little boys in the What Were They Thinking segment were so adorable!