Friday, February 29, 2008

Galahs and Drongos

We saw a lot of Ander-smiles today didn't we?

He noticed some words that were unfamliar to American people? To me, that happens all the times.

Michael just smiled instead of telling him the meanings of the words he mentioned.

Anderson counted on viewers on Live Blog. He was really keen on finding out the meanings of those Australian slungs, and I found him really cute!

Wasn't this the first time we saw a segment from the show for The Shot!? They edited the video and prepare the script so fast. They didn't a really good job!
Here're the descriptions of the Australian slungs. I copied them from 360 blog.
-galah : a type of bird, slang for idiot, as in “you guys are acting like a mob of galahs”
-drongo: also a bird, also slang for idiot, as in “don’t be such a bloody drongo”
Hmm, I'm not so sure if I have a chance to use those words.

After he was reporting a story about the prince serving his duty in Afghanistan, Anderson told about the situations there. He really respects people fighting in Afghanistan and he wants us never to forget about the war there. This is one of the reasons I love this journalist!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Anderson had his hair cut! Erica had said something about his haircut. It should be a nice thing. It seems Erica always says what we want to say to Anderson. (However, he thought the compliment for sarcasm.)

I love the dancing prisoners in Phillipines. I'm starting to wonder if there might be people who commit crimes in order to become a member of this group.

L'isle Joyeuse

If you are a constant visitor to this blog, you might know one of my hobbies. Playing the piano, vodeotaping me play the piano, and upload it on YouTube. However, I played the piano for the first time in two or three months. I know I should practice the music enough before videotape it, but I know that the next time I'll play would be another month away. I am 50% satisfied with my performance but I uploaded them anyway. I wish I could say "Enjoy" but watching and listening to this music might be like a torture!

This music is called "L'isle Joyeuse" and it was composed by Debussy. He was inspired to write this music when he saw a painting named "Pilgrimage to Cythera." While listening, imagine you are traveling to a beautiful island. Debussy described with notes what it is like to be on a boat.

Awful music starts here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brilliant Photos

Our friend Anne made these brilliant photos! It's really worth sharing. Enjoy!

Thanks, Anne!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not feel like writing...

These days, I have been overwhelmed by too much politics, and it is really hard for me to keep up with the show. To me, Monday's show was really good. Less politics than usual and some interesting stories.

I actually tried writing some about this show, but I just deleted them all. This is strange. I had a lot of things to write; that guy above, bullying, and North Korea. But I found it pretty difficult to continue writingmy writing was terrible and don't feel like writing any more. Wel, I enjoyed the show anyway and what I though may not be worth sharing. I'll write again when I feel like it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Biceps Biceps Biceps!

I'm feeling a little bit better. Thanks for all the comments for the previous post. I've gotten rid of nasty headache. This alone makes my day! Even so, I still have a runny nose and a sore throat. I know I should go to bed immediately, but how can I not update a little bit about Wednesday's show!?

John Stewart tossing the show to Anderson was a little bit awkward...

Why do we love Anderson? Here's one of the reason; BICEPS! Even Arnold Schwarzenegger admires his biceps!?

Working out?

Working out!

Erica didn't believe that Gov. Schwarzenegger asked him that at the Republican Debate and she tried to call him to see if that was true! What a mischievous smile! That's why we love Erica, isn't it!?

"I didn't make it up!!"

Anderson was still funny to ask John to back him up. Sadly, John's part was, of course, videotaped and John Roberts just read what he was supposed to. Somehow John looked a little bit funny to me.

Speaking of biceps, I gathered together several bicep pictures! One of them is not Anderson's biceps. It looks too obvious but would you like to find which one is "fake?"

(1)        (2)

(3)        (4)

(5)        (6)

Can you tell whose biceps "it" is?

Just a cap from previous shows.

February 19
February 18

I really need to go to bed now. Tomorrow, we are seeing debate and I won't write a lot about that. See you on Friday!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I've got a terrible flu and I couldn't update. Maybe, I won't able to write about the show today either. I just want to say...

Congratulations, Kriestien!

You became the first international winner and I'm so happy for that! I have posted for beat 360 several times, but mine has never appeared. It's really hard to come up with something funny partly because of cultural difference and lack of my English skill? Your winning the contest really encourages me!

Another thing that I want to write is ...
For the past few months, it seems that I cannot exchange emails. I got several emails and every time I got one, I reply to them on the spot, but I never get any reply. I just found one from my friend, whom we always exchange email using the same email account, in the spam box! I was wondering if my email account has read some of your emails as spam mail, or if my email has been read as spam by yours.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gender and Cultural Differences

It's interesting to hear how we see Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman. Gender gap does exist, but we should see it in good way. For example, we care about what she wears. Her clothes can make a lot of different impressions. On the other hand, McCain does look the same whatever he wears. Is it tricky? How we see tears from a woman and from a man is also different. Isn't that fair? Anyway, a man and a woman are not 100% equal. Both have role. Girls don't have to be treated just like boys.

In my opinion, I think for a woman to be the leader is a good idea. Women care more about her daily lives, and future generation. We have maternal instinct. If I am a candidate, I never want to use up that incredible amount of money on campaign trail. I might want to skip one rally, and donate the same amount of money on donation. It may not be allowed to give those money to people in certain areas of the country. Maybe, donating to tackle poverty in Africa? They would save hundreds or thousands of lives there. Or donating to tackle global warming? To me, some of them are squandering their investment.

Well, a stupid comment from an outsider. Just forget about what you might have read.

And ...

Indulge yourself in a lot of Anderson!

Before you see more Anderson, I will write something of small importance.

Before they started discussion, Anderson introduced those professionals below;

Big smile,

best smile,

awkward smile; actually, he showed so many facial expressions in such a short time

just a smile;


I forgot her nationality, apparently American now. Maybe Asian people have the similar idea about how they want to be looked as a professional. In Japan, we do not often see politicians' picture with his/her smile. They show a slight smile, not a big one. Just like the woman above. However, in the pictures of all the candidates for the U.S. president, they are showing big smiles, which I find interesting. They do look confident and have good effect on supporters.

You need more Anderson's pictures, don't you!? Go ahead!

"I'm Anderson Cooper. Good night."

I never feel sleepy when he says that! He looks and sounds so sexy that I get more and more excited!
You like dogs and so do I! This is my beagle! To me, she looks like a princess! I don't know who/which is cuter, Anderson or my dog, bella. To you, maybe Anderson?

Friday, February 15, 2008

From Louisiana

It seems whenever he goes out of the studio, some breaking news happen. Before the show, I was worried about the possibility of his having to spend most of the hour covering the story of school shooting. But the show turned out to be just perfect. Enough politics, tragedy and people in New Orleans.
By the way, Anderson looks sexiest when he is reporting from NOLA and I had to watch the show again and again to listen to him. (English is a foreign language to me and still his words slip from my ear. Stupd excuse?? )

At the beginning, Anderosn sounded optimistic about the situation in the city. But there are still many people suffering from inconvenience. Rehabilitation of New Orleans seems to have nothing to do with a Japanese girl, but it is really interesting to see how people can cooperate and bring hope to devastated areas and people.

At the beginning of the show, there seemed nobody was there, but there were!

Here they are!

At 360 Bulletin, they told us one way for Iraqi people to recruite suicide bombers. I felt so sick to hear that.
Recently, in Japan, there was a problem of abusing mentally challenged people. A restaurant manager has been making them work without paying, and what's worse, the employer got all the pension for them. Those people sound more slaves than employee. They have no rights. Some people have been working under such a condition for more than 30 years. Many people got furious to hear that. This cannot happen in a modern country, but it is happening.
In a less civilized country, something much worse is happening.
From that "less civilized country," these kids receive the sweet present on Valentine's Day!

No word is needed to report how people feel. Look at a warm-hearted smile. This tells everything.