Monday, January 14, 2008

War Against Women In Congo

I learned about this problem for the first time when Anderson went to Congo in October 2006. While listening to those stories is disturbing, I do need to know about what's going on in some regions on our planet.


anne said...

It was a very moving,emotional piece on
60 Mnutes last night
Thanks for the screencaps,Mio.

copperfish said...

I was able to see it at and it was tough to watch. Though the crimes committed against women during the previous wars were already horrible, I think these were incomparable.

Pati Mc said...

Anderson amazes me. There are times when I believe that he could not amaze me more, and then he does.

How this incredible man can do what he does and remain such a positive inspiration is almost beyond me. But then I look into his eyes and see the compassion for the people whose stories he tells and the passion that he has for his job and he amazes me all over again.

Add to the above the fact that he has inspired and encouraged me to get off of my behind and DO something to help in these cases and I could not love him more. He is making a difference and he taught me that I am capable of the same.

The world needs you Anderson, please never stop shining your light in the darkest corners of this planet. God Bless you!

Mio - thanks for the great post and the beautiful pictures. This is Anderson at his best. :0)

pebbles said...

Thanks for the screencaps Mio. I didn't get the chance to watch it but I just read the article on the cbs website. It really is sad and shocking that this kind of savagery happens in our world.
Anderson blogged about his piece on 60 minutes today. I have a feeling they'll be featuring it on AC 360.

mio_bella said...

While I was really moved to watch the story, I got excited to see Anderson. I enjoyed Anderson in cargo pants, Tshirts, polo, shirt, field shirt etc. How stupid of me to say such a thing!

There have been more heinous crimes in the past. In this modern age, women in some developping countries are still suffering from lot of crimes. It is our responsibility to help them lead better life.

I do love his way of telling such a disturbing story. Sometimes, people just feel devastated to see sad news. However, Anderson is showing respect to victims. He believes they will overcome their tragedy and that there will be hope.

I cannot see the actual TV program, either. I just went to CBS video. I read Anderson's blog, but it was too late to leave comment. Hmm, timing is really important.