Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Turtle Soup!?

I've never imagine a turtle do a trick! But it takes a decade to train him/her. You must be patient to have such a cute pet.


Turtle Soup!

I'm a kida sturtled, oops, startled! How cute!
Turtle soup is quite popular here, I've never tried one though. It is said to be very good for healthy body. Also, it contains a lot of collagen and promotes beautiful skin. He's going to be more and more beautiful if he eats lot of them!
This is the most exciting moment from Monday show! When Anderson said "Phebe ....." I screamed and clapped my hands! Congratulations!
I captured the BEAT 360 pic with the caption, but unfortunately, writer's name was not added. THEY SHOULD!


anne said...

Love your screencaps,and that photo of the week,too!

PeterGay said...

Yes, they should have put her name along with the funny line. The author's name is Phebe from "All Things Anderson." Congratulations! Phebe.

mio_bella said...

thank you for your constant comment. It's really encouraging to me!

Yeah, I know! Unlike "radar",this is like a contest and she won! I'm so happy for her!