Saturday, January 12, 2008

Successfully made it to Atlanta

Anderson looked tired during his live segments. Wrinkles under his eyes, especially left eye, were so distinctive. We could tell how stress he had been waiting for his airplane.


However harsh the situation might be, people are always struggling to live, with some hope.

Zain buying clothes(?) to help the lady do some business. I could tell how warm-hearted this reporter is and I suddenly became a fan of her!

Even in a park, where Kenyan people can relax, you can see a lot of millitary men.

Kids are ignorant and happy whereever you are.

During sessions with Erica, which I guess was filmed earlier on the same day, Anderson looked so beautiful. We cannot see that deep wrinkles.


Anonymous said...

I thought the studio looked like the New York one. I assumed he gave up and didn't fly to Atlanta. Lol, maybe I was wrong :) He did look tired though.

anne said...

He really did look very tired last night,didn't he?

mio_bella said...

Anonymous person,
At the preview, I wasn't sure if he was in NY or Atlanta. But light was a little bit different from NY studio and we didn't see him sitting at the desk. Also, we saw empty NY studio. Then I concluded that he was in Atlanta.

Yeah, he seemed very tired. He must have had a really terrible time at the airport. So terrible that he couldn't help complaining about it on his blog and that was cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh ok. I must have missed the empty NY Studio bit. I was doing My H.W. while watching the show, haha. Anyway, thanks for clarifying. Any ideas why he is/ was in the ATL?