Friday, January 18, 2008


I used to be a Tom Cruise fan. I originally started studying English in order to talk with him when I bump into him in the future. Well, after more than 15 year's of my craze, that has completely vanished when he revealed his devotion to scientology. If I were still a Tom Cruise fan, I might have get interested in scientology but fortunately, not at all. I think I'm happier being an Anderfan!

As I am a rather new Anderfan, I wasn't watching 360 2 years ago. However, I had the audio file of this interview. This guy's thought holds water like a sieve. I was kind of curious to see how he looked like.

WOW! Anderson!!! He looks so young! So beautiful! He is casting evil eyes, which makes him even sexier! (No interest in a man on the right side.)

He looks even more beautiful NOW!

By the way, after I saw the pic of this book, I made a picture file for the blog header. If you scroll to the end, you'll see the rest of the pic there. Hmmm... it wasn't a good idea to divide a very beautiful face of Anderson into two pieces. Anyway, I'll leave it for a day and I'll change it into full picture tomorrow.

On another note, I'm thinking of going to NY again from Mar.29 to Apr.8. Is there anybody who can meet me??


anne said...

A trip to NYC?
Wow,that must be amazing...
I so wish I could go too!!

copperfish said...

I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise but I've seen some of his movies.

He was a little bit aggressive in that interview and I don't believe that he doesn't wear opinions in his sleeve as he told before, he does sometimes.

Mio, I think you have a very nice blog header even if it's not yet complete and I think I like it. :-)
Wow! going to NYC! Well I hope and wish that you may finally be able to realized one of your dreams.

mio_bella said...

I wish we could meet up there!

I loved that interview. He is telling that guy what we want to say to him.
I'm relieved you didn't get pissed off to see Anderson's beautiful face separated into two pieces.
Maybe, I'll leave it as it is till next week.
I try to make a trip abroad every year. As I went to the U.S. last year, I was thinking of going to Europe this year. I changed my plan and chose to go back to NY again! You know, no city is nicer for me to be!