Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nevada & S.C.

Just a quick post to show how Anderson looks in the election coverage.

I noticed this.

Maybe this screen?


Pati Mc said...

Hello Mio,

You amaze me. I was just watching the results coverage and when Anderson looked seriously to the side just now, I said out loud, "I hope someone gets a screengrab of that". And once again you deliver and promptly.

My sincere thanks! Once again, you have captured him at his best moments. Now if he would just learn to straighten his tie! LOL.

He looks fabulous, albeit sorta tired. There went his weekend. He works so hard. But I have to admit that I am glad to see him on a Saturday. ;0)

Jan said...

Mio- I too, want to thank you for the caps from tonights show. That was fast and I agree with Pati Mc, I wanted to see the serious cap as well and hoped somebody had capped it. I also agree Pati Mc, he did look tired.

From the sound of Anderson we will get him again next Saturday night for the Dems Primary. All of those CNN reporters are going to be worn out before our November elections.

Delie said...

Thanks for all the caps, Mio! I didn't follow all this election coverage. Had another "coverage" to watch... Like Anderson, I never stop working!
This time I was not so interesting in U.S. politics. Maybe it's a sign: I need a break before the Super Tuesday....

anne said...

Thanks for the screencaps,Mio.I did not see much of the coverage last night.

He really does look tired,he needs to slow down a bit!.
I agree with Jan,the CNN folk will all be worn out by November indeed!

mio_bella said...

I woke up and saw Anderson on TV! I just couldn't resist and recorded a little bit and captured some nice pics, then left for work.

I always try to capture our Andy at his best, but I was not so sure if I did that this time, as I recorded only for one segment. If I recorded for the entire show, my caps would have been nicer?! Still, Anderson looks so gorgeous in each picture.

I do agree with you. All the staff would be worned out and so would CNN watchers!

I have the same problem as well. Pretty busy with my own work and all I am interested is Anderson. Littls bit of American politics is enough for me actually.

You are also from outside the States and I guess you have the same feeling. I was just watching Anderson and screaming when I saw him on "Saturday."