Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampshire Primary

Hillary wins back! This was a big news in Japan, too. We are also interested in American presidential election.

Last night, I was talking about this with my BF. Here's what he said; Hillary has made a great impression as a confident and experienced politician. That image wouldn't die hard even though a younger attractive candidate is picking up steam. Even though they say Obama would win, Hillary will win. Let's wait and see.
I waited and saw Hillary win the race this time. I'll wait again to see who will eventually win.

Hillary showed a little bit of weakness the day before election. This is said to be her means by which she garnered back women's votes. I don't know if she did it intentionally or not but I fully understand her. Women must have thought "She IS a woman! Not feminine enough? Yes, she is feminine enough." Actually, I was on the verge of breakdown these days. At work, I always tell others what to do. At home, I act as an older sister and take care of my brother. With my BF, he thinks me as somebody with whom he can talk about politics, economics, physics and other difficult matters. We are always discussing and my brain never gets rest with him. I don't have a place to show weakness and sometimes I want such a place.


When I saw Obama for the first time, I find him attractive. He is an eloquent speaker and he is full of hope. However, I'm feeling skeptical these days. When I compare him with Hillary, he doesn't look mature enough. His speech is simple and strong but it looks like he is hypnotize people. Do you remember he criticized Anderson for "forgetting about New Orleans?" His speech might have been a nice one, but it is not based on fact. This is really a small bit of what he said, though.

Whatever I might say, I don't have any say on American politics. I decided not to talk about it but somehow I did today.

No more foreign politics. Enjoy great pictures!


anne said...

Great pics from NH,Mio!

copperfish said...

Hey! you're back. The primary elections going on is also a news here. Hillary's near to tears interview/message for me is a brilliant strategy to soften her strong image and at the same time to win the younger female demographics. But although a strategy I also find it very true of what she really felt. So I thought that she won't take it seating down her defeat in Iowa. Obama on the other hand seems to be quite naive to me but I also think that that won him electoral advantage. If ever and whoever wins in the democratic side, it will the the first in the american political history. The first american-african black and the first female president.

@Mio, don't be too harsh on yourself. Take things one day at a time. :-)

mio_bella said...

Thanks! I expecially like the second one from the bottom. He looks like a little boy and is so adorable.

News on "the battle between Hillary and Obama" was a big news here. However, they are putting so much emphasis on Democratic party. Of course this side was a close race and took more time for media to decide which candidate won.

I visited NH yesterday and asked my friend who should be the next president. She answered very confidently that McCain should, with a strong reason. And he won there. I found this interesting.

anne said...

You are right Mio,
he really is adorable in that second last photo!

mio_bella said...

Anderson looks sexy, mature and cute all the time, but these days, he looks so cute and young. Or that may be because I am craving for cutie Andie?