Saturday, January 26, 2008

Negative News and Negative Blog

Well, I wasn't attracted by stories today. Most of the news seemed negative to me. (Was there any nice news for which we feel happy? There might be some pieces but I wasn't watching as enthusiastically as I used to.)

I was talking with my coworker, well actually he is a principal, the other day and he said, "Every time I watch news, they are reporting something bad, something that makes people furious. How come they can't change the ration of good news and bad news. These bad news are flying in the air, and we are literally surrounded by them. Isn't that annoying?" I just said,"Oh, I see. I never thought of that." (Actually, it's not only news programs that are flying the air! A lot of good dramas, silly shows and so on.)

As for 360, no matter how much they report negative news, we hace Erica, who always makes us feel happy! It was her last appearance for bulletin and others, but who feels sad!? NOBODY! She is joining 360 again on Feb.1! Just a short Ericaless nights!
By the way, I got many comments for previous posts, but I left them unanswered, which I find pretty rude. I'd rather spend time writing to you than blogging about murder stories or politics.

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mio_bella said...

Thanks for your constant visit to this blog! I don't know if he is a democrat or republican. But he says clearly that he is not supporting any candidate. Does that mean he is voting for nobody or that he is not voting at all?

Yeah! Japan's market is being greatly affected these days. I have a plan to go to the U.S., so I am happy when a dollar gets cheap. Just a few days ago, I could have buy a dollar for 105.xxyen, but now it's 107.xx. But still yen is far more expensive than this time last year. I remember buying a dollar for 117yen or something.

Thanks for your suggestion for the video. He looks so cute and I can watch it over and over until I fall asleep!

Thanks for your comment! I'm so happy you like it although the quality is not so good as always..

I love your idea of Anderson reporting from Times Square with Erica! Kathy brought us great Andermoments and she asked a lot of things that we also want to ask. I think Erica will do the same thing and moreover, Anderson would feel comfortable and we would be able to see a lot of Andersmiles!