Friday, January 11, 2008


I usually try to learn a lot about African problems. But I haven't watched TV for a while and this was my first time to "see" what's is happening in Kenya right now. Kenya is thought to be one of the most civilized countries in Africa, but still a racial war occurs. I was kind of shocked to hear the word "ethnic cleansing." People in some developped countries may have experienced similar thing long long time ago, and we learned from history to repect each other and learned that war will bring us no good things. In this way, it is our responsibility to help people in those region.

But how I can do that? As an English teacher in a tiny city in Japan, all I can do is donating money and telling my students. When I heard about massacre in Sudan about 6 years ago, I wa totally shocked. Shocked to know that fact and shocked that nothing had been reported in Japan. (I was not a big news watcher at that time, but my BF always watches many news programs every day and still he hadn't heard about that.) Many students here still do not know about Africa. Fortunately, my students are all excellent. By telling them it is our responsibility to save people there, some of them will play a bigger role in helping these problems. And this is my dream. (I cannot get out of my daily life at the moment, nor I won't be able to do anything even if I go to dangerous area.)

I love their idea about beat 360! When there are a lot of sad news, and overwhelming amount of American politics for me, it's like a breath of fresh air.

Who did you vote for?
A: Let's see... this one!
B: I'll tell a lie, hee-hee.
C: I'm a Japanese and don't have a say.

I'd love to hear how Anderson would add caption.

Have you checked out podcast? At the beginning, Anderson was so cute!


anne said...

Those photos are so cute,I have to go get that podcast!


mio_bella said...

Have you got the podcast and enjoyed it? I believe you did! As far as I remember, it was the first time he started his podcast with a funny mood.