Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crave for unknown things

It's already 3:20am and no energy left. I captured some more, and I have ideas for what I'd be writing. I'll write later after I woke up.


Well, finally I woke up, had my job done, and already watched Thursday 360! And I'm writing and posting a little bit about Wednesday 360. How procrastinating I was!

In my eyes, Anderson looks most beautiful with this turquoise blue tie. I must admit that he looks gorgeous whatever he wears, though!

I often write that I am a little bit fed up with American politics, and some American people might feel the same way. When people are get bored about political issues, governments announce an idea of space exploration. People are interested in mysteries. 360 did the same thing to keep us attracted to the program.

Yeah, we need a little bit of something silly!


copperfish said...

I can't blame you either but still it's interesting to know know who would finally make it as candidates for both parties. Another thing is the glooming recession in the US. Asian markets had been affected too including the Philippines but unlike before it may not catch pneumonia when the US sneezes.

anne said...

I just cannot get into the politics either.

Anderson seems fascinated with the Sasquatch stuff,doesn't he?
It is probably one of the few things he has not gone reporting on-that and from outer space maybe!LOL

Mio,if you captured it,can you put up the Beat 360 parts from Thursday's show-the 2 parts where Anderson speaks with the British accent like the Queen?

He was so adorable!LOL

Thanks for the Ander pics.