Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm not writing much about politics

I didn't want to bother to watch election coverage for as long as 3 hours and 2-hour election-oriented AC360. As usual, TV was on but I was working on something else. Actually, I was tidying my room. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to get my room tidy! Yes, it is a year-long objective!

Anyway, I am already overwhelmed by tons of election info. When there is too much discussion on election, I will just post beautiful, yummy Anderpics, which might be all you need!

Today's hairset looked different from his usual hairset, didn't it? Looks so soft.

Many of you might be busy with submitting your idea for "BEAT 360," but how about this!

Soledad: How come you are so sexy?You are too sexy to read news.


David said...

I was just doing a search and found your site, I am impressed by a number of things, first that you are from Japan and you watch CNN and know Anderson Cooper!? I mean I watch his show sometimes but I didn't think he would have fans from around the world. To me he's just a news guy from CNN. Oh And I'm impressed on your english. Japanese are so smart! But anyways I just wanted to say I like your site and find it interesting and fun to read. And you are very cute as well! haha.

PeterGay said...

Just in case you had not noticed, David is flirting with you.

On another news: You are right, the political news are getting Booorrriiinnng! They keep talking about what one or another candidate said or did wrong instead of what their opinions on the issues are. So your photos of Anderson ARE a much better choice. Thanks.

mio_bella said...

Wow! I got comments from boys! I usually get comments from ladies and it was a kind of a surprise to me.

Thank you for all of your nice words! I never studied English abroad. Obviously, watching CNN and writing about my favorite program help me improve my English. If the anchor weren't attractive enough, I couldn't keep on watching a news program from abroad.

Political news also sound boring to you!? No wonder I found them soooo boring!

David said...

(PeterGAY, Yes, I am a BIG flirt.)

Question: Does anyone know if Mr. Cooper is a democrat or republican? He's on CNN so It makes me think dem. But his mother was close friends with the Reagans...so maybe not. Just wondering.
And you're welcome Mio Bella!