Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everybody!

New Year's in Japan is like Christmas in Western countries. We prepare special foods, relatives come over, and if there are some kids in a family, they get gift of money. However, this year's New Year's is just one of my boring days, and I found it pretty nice after busy work days. Because of the bad weather, my uncle's family couldn't make it to our place. One of my grandmother's brother passed away today and they'll have a funeral tomorrow. My grandmother and my parents will attend the ceremony, but I won't have to. I'll just stay home, doing nothing special. I sometimes need this.

Before the Live program started, I saw Anderson talking to the audience. He was on huge screens in Times Square! (It's a shame I couldn't capture this.) I don't really need to feel this way, but I am somehow proud of our Andy being such an important figure in this place. New Year's Eve in NY might remind ordinary people, not Anderfans, of ...cristal ball, New York New York, and Anderson Cooper!

I don't know much about Kathy Griffin but I found their conversation really funny. She is also a fan of Anderson and she asked what we want to ask him! Sometimes, Anderson seemed "annoyed," he looked excited at the same time though, and I love that!
It was perfect for Anderfans to be able to see him for a long time, but it was a little bit sad that we couldn't see other parts of the show. For example, we saw Gary Tuckman only a few times and he couldn't spend as long time as he did last year. Did we see him reach the goal?

How about another package of Anderson & Kathy?

Anderson menationed a couple of time that he'd decided to blog every day. What is your New year's Resolution?


Fiona said...

Happy New Year to you 2 Mio, and to everybody.I'm sorry for you lost. My best thoughts to you and your family.It feels good to see you blog again.

And I also watched the show, I wasn't suppose to 'cause like I said I have exams but there was too much temptation. I'm so glad I watched it, my goodness Kathy Griffin was so funny like always.

And it's true she asked what we want to ask him lol. She loves to tease Anderson and it's so lovely. And about my resolution maybe find a way to make myself useful.

Peter said...

Sorry about what's happening to you, especially at this time of the year. But I am glad you had some time to take your mind away from it with Anderson and Kathy. They were amazing and I am glad you caught them in your screen caps -- which, by the way, three of them I posted in my blog and gave you thanks, a link and credit for. And I again thank you, thank you, thank you.

Stay well, Mio, we all love you!

anne said...

Thank you for the wonderful screencaps Mio,and Happy New Year.
I love the different Ander expressions.

I am sorry for your family's loss.

Jan said...

Mio-Sorry for you loss.

Pati Mc said...


Glad you are back, sorry to hear about your family member though. Our thoughts are with you.

Anderson and Kathy cracked me up last night. I was not always certain if he thought she was funny, or was kind of annoyed. Your pictures tell the tale! LOL.

That man has the absoulte BEST expressions ever. When he rolled his eyes I about peed myself.

Funniest moment to me was when Kathy "made Anderson look", telling him his fly was open. She got him for a second there. And then he reprimanded her, which really made me laugh.

What a fantastic show!

andyargentina said...


I wish you 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days of laughter, 8.760 hours of good luck, 525.600 minutes of joy and 31.536.000 seconds of Success... Well, I guess I am wishing you and all your readers a Happy New Peaceful, Creative and Lovely Year!!!

As always … terrific screencaps … great job Mio.

Finally I am sorry for your family loss.


Ps: Take care Mio, it is not healthy to work that many hours

Kara said...

Hey Mio,

Just wanted to wish you a happy and healthy 2008. Keep up the great work here, we all love this site... Wishing all the other AC fans out there a great New Year as well. Take care Mio and sorry to hear about your family's loss.


copperfish said...

I'm sorry to hear that family loss but still I wish you the best of 2008. This was the second time I watched him hosting the Times Square party and it seems that it wasn't that well prepared unlike last year's (hmm... just my observation) It was like they were running out of time. Kathy Griffin though made a good and funny co-host to Anderson.

pebbles said...

First, I am sorry for your family's loss especially during this time of the year.

But then again, have a Happy New Year to you and to everyone here on your blog!

Mio, you always have the best screencaps, thanks. I enjoyed Anderson and Kathy together but there are times when her jokes are inappropriate. But still, they were very funny together and his facial expressions which you caught on being annoyed, is so priceless and cute!

Looking forward to the brodcast today, I think they'll be showing the highlights from the special.

JapaneseBuddhistSanta said...

Happy New Year Mio. AWESOME CAPS!

Délie said...

All my thoughts to you and your family... Sorry for your loss.
Happy New Year to you and everyone who reads this wonderful blog! We love it so much, Mio!
I watched live Anderson and Kathy. It was 5 a.m. here and I was a little sleepy but they both made me so laugh! Such a good start for a New Year.

Could you, please, tell us how do you say "Happy New Year" in Japanese? Thanks.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for all the messages! I really wish everybody happiness. I always feel happy, excited and encouraged when I am "talking" to you. I hope I can share a little bit of happiness with you here.

As for my family loss, I appreciate your condolence but I don't have any special feeling about it. I have met him only once or twice in the past decade. What startled me was the reaction when my grandmother, who just lost her brother, heard about the news. "Oh, no... On New Year's Day?" This is all. No tears. I wonder how blunt people can become when we get old. Or this is just an extreme case?