Thursday, January 10, 2008

Elecetion, election, election

Honestly, I don't think I am not as interested in election issue as American people. It is exciting, but sometimes, the coverage was too overwhelming to me. (I often watch other CNN programs and they aired election stories all the time.) However, I found two things that was interesting to me.

Public Polls

Clinton had been said to garner 30% of votes before they saw the results but actually she got 39% while Obama's vote is the same. They can change public opinion very quickly thanks to all kinds of media. Hmm, media seems to play a little bit of the results.

How they deliver speeches

I am often fascinated by English speeches. They sound so powerful and convincing. Sometimes, they sound hypnotic. On the other hand, Japanese language is very flat and in general, we are not good at delivering speeches. Most of the time, speeches by politicians are boring. It is too obvious that they are reading something written by somebody else. It may be true to American politicians, but how they deliver speeches is so good and they are, without doubt, their words.

We may be watching 360, 90% of which is dominated by election till November, but I can hold on as long as I can see beautiful anchor who tells the strories!

By the way, I just found a new idea for 360 blog, "Beat 360." That's a cute idea and nice for people like me who cannot keep up with American politics all the time!

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