Friday, January 25, 2008

Lots of imitations

I love Anderson's smile when Larry tosses the program to 360.

From his smile, I could tell something nice would be starting soon!

Imitation #1 Anderson? Queen Elizabeth?

And I love today's BEAT360! Anderson was trying to sound like the Queen, which I found really cute! He couldn't sound cuter than that!

Imitation #2 Phone? Banana?

Fruit phone? Maybe Apple phone? Or how about just a banana phone?

I remember a Japanese toy maker produced a Banana phone several years ago, but I couldn't find the right website. I Googled "Banana phone" and got a lot of images of it! I thought it was only Japanese who produced such a silly thing, but there are a lot of types of Banana phone.

Conclusion: Banana phone exists!

Anderson had a lot of fun talking with Erica Hill. Enjoy Anderson's faces during Anderica!

At the end of THE SHOT, he didn't even know when he should stop talking.

Imitation #3 Tom Cruise!?

Just in case you are interested in "Tom Cruise" video... Here's the link to that video.
the parody video Tom Cruise WANTS you to see!

Anderson looks so relaxed after this segment. So relaxed that he openly admitted that he didn't know what he would be talking about for his own show. He needs prompter.

When Anderson is in a serious mood, he looks like this;


anne said...

Thanks so much for posting the Beat 360 video of the Queen imitation-he is just too cute!LOL

David said...

Forget Andy...that soledad chic is hott! I bet those two are getting a lil somethin somethin on the side. haha

Judy said...

Hi Mio
Thanks for posting those videos. Anderson was so funny. LOL

pebbles said...

Thanks Mio for posting the videos. I wanted to hear Anderson again imitating the queen, he really is so cute when he's trying to be funny.

Pebbles said...

It was so great of Anderson to welcome Erica to 360 during "the Shot" today. Of course, he had to make fun of her first with her "mullet". It's so sweet that Anderson called her "honey" at one point. I am so happy that Anderson and Erica will be officially working together, they really have good chemistry. I'm sure she will make great contributions in making AC360 better. Now, I guess it would be more appropriate for Erica to team with him during the CNN New Year's Eve Special next year.