Wednesday, January 30, 2008


He looked pretty different from how he always looks. Too tired? Makeup was bad? Hmm, I was careful about every Ander-moment, and sometimes he looked totally different.


anne said...

He does really look different doesn't he?
I cannot figure out if it is that he is tired,or if it is the way the lighting is there.

Awww,poor guy!

Jan said...

I thought he looked yellow in the beginning. Did anyone else that it seemed like the end of 360 was not LIVE? Anyway I didn't see the LIVE logo towards the end of the show.

I think Anderson should have gotten the Clinton interview, since he was suppose to interview her the night before. JMO

copperfish said...

I think it was about the position of the lighting that gives a different look.

David said...

mio, he looks the same all the time! If he looks a little bit different it is most likely the lighting and how the shadows fall on his face. Or anyones face for that matter. That night his nose does looks really big I will admit.

mio_bella said...

He looked different and sometimes, he looked like a little boy. His bags under eyes are getting bigger.

His plans might have been changed so many times and so quickly, which could be one of the reason he was exhausted.

Maybe makeup also?

To you, who sees Anderson as just a newsman, Anderson looks the same. But to Andercrazy girls, every bit of change matters! (You may be appalled!) As for his nose, I guess everybody noticed that but everybody doesn't want to admit...