Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Zuiikin Again!

I knew AC would introduce another Zuiikin video when Erica came back. On his blog last week, Anderson wrote that he would let us show the video, but mall shooting thing happened. During last week, Gary Tuckman was in charge of "What were they thinking!?," which is the reason for Zuiikiin postpone. The first time I watched that video, I cannot help laughing and feeling kind of embarrassed. However, now I am completely used to it.
This video was so hilarious that I reccomended this to my coworker. He is really proficient in Japanese and he loves stupid things. At work, I told him that CNN had aired another Zuiikin. He asked me what was the phrase and I answered. He remembered not only the phrases but also skits! Have you ever checked them on YouTube? You can see some skit before exercises. We might want to copy some of the exercise!

Are you a Celine Dion fan? She is great and I admire her. I love her musics and have some CDs. However, I do not like her so much. She seems so infatuated with herself. Sometimes, she seems not thinking about audience.

Celine Dion?

Anderson is honored to have some time to exchange some words with this great singer. But seeing this photo below, Anderson looks like a more important figure.

Now starting to miss serious Anderson?


pebbles said...

I love, love, love Anderson during "the shot". He sounds funny with a french accent LOL! Erica wasn't so bad. I just enjoy it when these two banter. The silliness just goes on and on.

Have you seen Anderson's blog today? Looks like a slow news day, he had to come up with something to blog about which people are talking about and it's hilarious. Fran Drescher is too nasal(although I loved her in The Nanny), I'd go for Yoda!

Yukie Kawamura said...

Hi Mio. Nice to meet you in cyber world. I'm Japanese, so I have something to tell you....
The Japanese always want to learn English somehow!!! Japanese always
sucking up to the USA. Also Japan is a flatterer to American. It's not right,yea,obviously, absolutely
so....I worries about you.

I always try to be candid.
Do you mind if I speak frankly??
Do you love him(AC)? why??
He's a white man?? You are a white supremacist??....
I know that Anderson is an amazing
journalist and a good talker,but not much else....
Also, AC has all good!! looks, voice,charisma. but keep in mind, it's not a person's looks that count, it's what's inside. Goodness
often charms more than mere beauty!

I'm sorry for my comment, but Mio,
it's my honest thoughts...
Take care and God bless you.

--Yukie Kawamura, from Hong Kong--

anne said...

I love all of the Shot of the Day vidoes this past week,they are having so much fun with them,aren't they?


Thanks for posting those great Ander expressions,Mio.