Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why do we love Anderson?

Ugh, I'm updating yesterday's show too late.
Honestly, when I first read Anderson's blog, I couldn't get a clear image of what AC360 with an announcer will be like. Now I do. Speaking of an announcer, they used to have one who said, "... across the country, around the world..... here's Anderson Cooper," kind of thing at the beginning of the show. I liked that guy. ( I am watching Lou Dubb's Tonight, which I rarely do, and he is announcing right now! )I got more and more excited before Anderson appeared on the screen.

American soldiers are still fighting in Afghanistan, and AC said they are forgotten by media. In Japan, there's few people who think about what is happening in that country. Most people may believe the war has ended.
I was surprised how young soldiers look. There are many people in their age having good time at home, however they are risking their lives. And we know how terrible life might awate them after their withdrawal.
Anderson always cares about people and situations that are forgotten by manby others. I really loved his passionate and compassionate look while he was watching the report.
By the way, I got this comment by a Japanese visitor to this blog.
Yukie wrote;
Japanese always sucking up to the USA. Also Japan is a flatterer to American. It's not right,yea,obviously, absolutely so....I worries about you.I always try to be candid.Do you mind if I speak frankly??Do you love him(AC)? why??He's a white man?? You are a white supremacist??....I know that Anderson is an amazing journalist and a good talker,but not much else....Also, AC has all good!! looks, voice,charisma. but keep in mind, it's not a person's looks that count, it's what's inside. Goodnessoften charms more than mere beauty!

Every Anderson fan here has one thing we agree on. It's inside of Anderson that makes him even more attractive. We all know this. It's kind of a matter of course. He just happens to have a nice looks. These days it seems we are always talking about how nice he looks, but we are attracted by his passion, aren't we?
Another thing I want our international friends is whether or not I look a "white supremacist" just because I love this remarkable journalist. In France, the Phillipines, Germany, Belgium, Algentina, Korea, do people worry about you if you love an American? I was kind of startled how narrow-minded this person is. I don't like being nasty on this person. But I really have to say that I am love him because of his devotion to his mission.

Still, Anderson looks so gorgeous, doesn't he?


Jan said...

Mio--Yes Anderson is good looking, but he is also good on the inside. He cares about to many things to list here, but you can tell that he cares about people and he comes across as a fine, caring person. I got the chance to meet him at a booksigning and he was so nice to everyone. He is a great journalist and person.

pebbles said...

Hey Mio, what you said on your post is right on. He is physically attractive but what really got me was his intelligence, wit and his passion on what he does. He's really dedicated to his career. Like what we always say even if he's "on vacation" you find out a few days later he was still working. Even if he well-off he chose to work and live on his own without anybody's help. He worked his way up and I think he is proud of that fact. He didn't rely on anyone to help him out in the business. His achievements are hard-earned and well-deserved. And that really impressed me.

Kara said...

Hey Mio,

There's so much negativity out there in the Anderson blog world.....just continue to be who you are, and update this blog as you always do. It's so sweet, honest and refresing, I love reading it! Don't worry about silly comments like the one you received. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows what a kind, cultured, decent person you are and although we can all say we're infatuted with Anderson's looks, when it comes down to it, it's all about what he has going on inside that makes him so special!!!!!

We love what you do here, so keep it up and don't even give comments like that a second thought!

copperfish said...

@Mio, you created a blog about Anderson so be ready to be hit by people like Yukie. It's quite a blur to me how he or she would look at the word and associate it with you being a fan of Anderson. Supremacy like I knew of the meaning means authority, power or supreme rank and supremacist means an advocate of group supremacy. Through the years Japan like the Philippines have already imbibed some western influences so I don't know how does she looked at it. If you're being tagged as white supremacist then I think the best that you can do is just brushed it off. There's nothing wrong if you admired a journalist like him or I don't think there's something wrong if a Filipina does too. Admiration does not define race just like's universal.
Continue this blog because it's a nice one especially the person who owns it. :-)

andyargentina said...

Dear Mio, some years ago I studied journalism and I can tell you that Anderson Cooper is a great journalist, he does his work in a professionally way. When reporting, Anderson puts a human touch into news and makes it easy to understand what is going on in the world.. He puts in his all and is so passionate it makes me wonder why all news reporters can't do same. Also, hi is so gorgeous …is already a heartbreaker.
I agree with Kara don't worry about silly comments. I love your blog and your photos are stunning! It's so beautifully done . I check it often and get super excited when a new post arrives!It certainly looks like you spent a log of time and effort on. I find your writing style refreshing and delightful.
Mio Thank you so much for sharing!!

Judy said...

Hi Mio
I read the comment by this person and I just thought how rude that comment was. Of course we like Andersons looks, but its also his passion for the job and the people he is reporting about.
Your blog is my favorite Anderson blog, because its just nice and sweet to read. I hope you don't let comments like that get to you. People around the world read your blog, I guess that speaks for itself.

Délie said...

Don't let people bother you with such negative thoughts! Your interest in Anderson and his work has given many people the opportunity to become friends and exchange thoughts from different cultures. And that's priceless! Your blog is a so special! And Anderson's reports worth it! In French we have an expression: "La bave du crapaud n'atteint pas la blanche comlombe" = the toad's spittle doesn't reach the white dove. If I'm right, my high school English teacher translated it by "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me". You are as nice and gentle as a white dove, Mio!

Keep up the great blogging!

Pati Mc said...

Dear Mio,

I am so sorry that you have exeprienced the bad side of the blog world, but hold your head up and do not let such small minded people bother you.

Rather than go on and on, I will say that I agree with what the other girls have said. A big AMEN from me to all of you.

What you do with you blog Mio is special and nice. Anderson would be proud of what you do, and to me that is all I would concern myself with. You are kind, respectful and honest about your admiration. There is NOTHING wrong with that.

Please keep doing what you do. :)

Sheryn said...

Mio, I hope you don't mind my 2 cents here. One, the internet makes the world a cozy place, doesn't it? We would not have met otherwise.

The internet also allows people to learn about other cultures and it can cut through all those ugly stereo-types that people have about how others around the world live.

I think that "white supremist" comment was simply uncalled for. You are attracted to Anderson not only for his looks. Anderson is journalist who puts his heart in the stories he believes in. That kind of reporter/anchor is hard to find nowadays. I admire his intelligence and wit far more than his looks. A lot of people do.

Mio, we don't truly know one another but from what I can gather, you are a wonderful and intelligent person yourself. So please, do not let this commenter bother you. You are an open-minded and caring person. That's all the counts!

Hope you are well! -Sheryn