Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuesday's AC360

He looks gorgeous again today! His hair looks so soft! Yay! (I don't like that navy tie with charcoal gray jacket, though. But who cares when Anderson is so handsome!?)


pebbles said...

Hey Mio! Just want to let you know I enjoyed Tuesday's AC360. You know what, Anderson wearing anything is fine by me. He still looks good no matter what. I especially loved the What were You Thinking? segment. I can't stop laughing even after the segment was over. I think both of them enjoyed their banter, of course seaman ship is back! Oh, and it's quite ineteresting that Anderson hires chimps LOL! He's being silly again!


mio_bella said...

After the show, I could remember nothing but Zuiikin English! Everybody in the world thinks that Japan is the weirdest country in the world! They showed so many strange videos from Japan so far. I wonder if MY video is categorized as one of the weird Japanese videos.