Sunday, December 09, 2007

a strange country?

Ugh... I haven't updated this blog for the past few days. Simply I have been just busy. I'm feeling kind of guilty for not replying to your comments sooner.

Delie said... Does anyone know what means P-low: the skillful abbot?

It seems like a nickname of the person who posted all those Zuiikin English videos. He/She has his/her website on the profile, but I cannot access.

Copperfish said... Why were the videos called "Zuiikin"?

"Zuiikin" means voluntary muscle. I also wonder why they named the program Zuiikin English. I seached for more info on the TV program. It was broadcasted about 15 years ago and was aired very early in the morning. I don't think it's a nice way to start one's day.

The phrases they chose for exercise are always funny. Not just "Hi," "How are you," but "Hasta la vista, Baby."

At this moment, the latest comment says, "Japan is dumb." I really agree with that person! I am so embarrassed a Japanese TV company made such a strange movie. Come to think of it, 360 has introduced so many strange Japanese videos; Seaman Ship, Ramen bathtub, and this! The more they introduce Japanese videos, the stranger we loook! I wonder how everyone sees Japan. Can I ask you this?



Flo said...

Hi Mio,

I just wanted to say in response to your question "What do you associate Japan with?", the obvious comes to mind of the superior workmanship of your country's electronic products. But, as I have your blog bookmarked (with only 2 others) and I check in every day, I associate Japan with you Mio, and if the Japanese people are all as sweet, charming and intelligent as you then whoever made the "Japan is dumb" comment needs to do a double-check on their own intelligence level. As Anderson would say, "I'm only saying". You should be proud of yourself and of your Japanese heritage. I thank you for this blog and I simply thank you for you!


Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio,

What do associate with Japan.

Dignity, serenity and a strong sense of spirituality. An ability to be accomplished and to learn as much as possible. And also beauty. Your country and the rituals of you culture are like no other in the world. It is a very special place. :)

andyargentina said...

Hi Mio:

When someone ask me about Japan I always answer : Well-Mannered People, smart, with an special philosophy of life. I admire Japanese people because they work hard, have the best technology and the best food …. SUSHI !!!. Dear Mio, each culture is unique, Japanese, American, Australian, Brazilian, Argentina, all are different but inside this culture exist people like you with the power to communicate and make friends around the word.

Sayonara soshite arigatou
Hasta pronto Mio
See you soon


copperfish said...

I associate Japan with the latest in electronics technology and their art in food (hmmm....sushi!) Even the ordinary scrambled eggs is very well presented using a small rectangular pan. In fact CNN Int'l had done a program focusing on Japan's latest tech hosted by Richard Quest. And of course I associate Japan with the very sensual "tea ceremony".

Judy said...

Hi Mio
first of all: your blog is great!I'm from Germany and what I associate with Japan is what was mentioned by the others before me: Sushi (hmmm I love it), great eletronic products, well mannered, friendly people, tea ceremonies and I also have to say "Hello Kitty". So, those tv shows seem a bit bizarre, but there are odd tv-shows in every country and at least those "Zuiikin girs" are funny. Japan seems to such amazing country an I'm really hoping to be able to go there one day.

Délie said...


What could I add to the other comments? I so agree with all the others. Japan means for me humility, ancestral rituals, well mannered and hard worker people, high technology, sophistication and refinement, manga, Hello Kitty, sashimi and maki, kabuki and "kawaii"! And a last one word, for me, for Japan, a name: MIO!

I would love to come one day. Your culture is so unique!

mio_bella said...

Thank you for all the nice words, everybody!

So far, here are three categories that you mentioned;
1. personarity
2. traditional culture
tea ceremony
3. pop culture
electronic products

Many people mentioned sushi, which is also my favorite food!

I feel so honored that the word "Japan" reminds you of me! In this international world, everybody can represent our own countries.

Thank you so much for adding my blog to your favorites. What an encouraging word for me! I'll try to update this blog more frequently.
I am proud of my country, so when I see something that makes it look dumb, like Zuiikin English (I like them though), I feel a little bit embarrassed.

I'm glad you mentioned the word "beauty." You love beautiful things. I love our beautiful old buildings, beautiful nature. I'm so happy you understand them.

You love SUSHI! Me, too! They are not only delicious, but also beautiful!
Thank you for a little bit of Spanish lesson. I recently learned the phrase "Hasta la Vista" by watching "Zuiikin English." Now I've learned another phrase!

I have a question. Does the phrase "Hasta la Vista, Baby" sound rude to you? They translate that words using rude Japanese word.

Actually, I was watching Quest while I was writing here. I'll write about the program and Japan's technology later!

Welcome Judy!
Hello Kitty is famous in Germany, too!? I didn't know that! The combination of "Germany" and "sushi" reminds me of a Japanese soccer player who used to play there for a short period of time. He was nicknamed "Sushi-Bomber." Do you know him?

Kawaii! I forgot about that! You also mentioned my name and I'm so excited about that! When I see some reports from Paris, I'm always thinking about you, too!

mio_bella said...

In my previous comment, I said I would write something from QUEST. However, an error had occurred and I couldn't get any pictures from the show. It would be even more exciting with pictures. I'll write when I have a chance to record it.

Now, I am watching "prize for peace." Since I came back, I have been watching cnn programs for about 2 hours and it's almost 2:00! No time left for 60 minutes...

Judy said...

Thanks for the nice welcome Mio! Yes, you can buy almost everything with "Hello Kitty" on it. I loved it when I was a kid.
I've heard about the "sushi- bomber", but I have to admitt I'm not that much into soccer, so I had to google him. He is apperantly a very popular soccerplayer in Germany, despite bein called by this strange nickname.

andyargentina said...

Dear Mio, "hasta la vista baby" is not a rude phrase. Arnold Schwarzenegger said this phrase in one of his Terminator movies and it became very famous in United State. In Argentina and another Latin countries it is use to say “good bye” to a close friend. It is funny not rude. Say it without fear !!

amy said...

I am curious what rude words they used to translate "Hasta la vista, baby." "Hasta la vista" in its original Spanish isn't rude, as Andrea explained. But in the movie, Schwarzenegger's character used "hasta la vista, baby" defiantly... so it's also famous in that context. Someone referring to the movie will always add in the "baby" at the end, cause that is how Schwarzenegger said it. So - sometimes people can say it to be rude, but usually even if they're imitating the movie, they're just trying to be funny. (And as Andrea explained if they just say "hasta la vista" without imitating Schwarzenegger, usually it's just nice!)

Mio, how did they translate it in Japanese?


mio_bella said...

I said "Sushi-bomber" used to play in Gernamy, but it was wrong. He is still playing in Germany. My BF is a huge soccer fan and he corrected me.

Andyargentina & amy,
Thank you for a little Spanish lesson! Actually, I'd forgotten one of my collegues is a Spanish teacher. (He is an American who is teaching Spanish at a high school!) After I read your comments, I ask him the same question and the answer was pretty much the same. I learned a new phrase thanks to Zuiikin!